There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"New program?" I step away from the comet, covering my eyes, "You'll do anything I tell you?"
"The program will be executed insofar as the instructions are permited by protocol and the systems can understand them."
I try to look at Twilight, a pinprick of lavender light amidst a sea of it.
"Can you protect her?" I ask after a moment.
"Her. Assuming Administrator Twilight." The machine is silent for a moment. "Conflict of interests detected. Please provide clarification and or alternative program and or solution to conflict. Administrator Twilight requires to be safeguarded. Administrator Twilight marked as alfa-priority threat against User Applejack. Unknown Entity marked as alfa-priority threat to User Applejack. Protection of User Applejack prioritized over protection of Administrator Twilight. Administrator Twilight has been deemed to have a thirty percent possibility of surviving her current course of action. Please, clarify and or correct action or solve conflict."

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