There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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2017-02-27 12:05:48 No. 29574817
> Throw out the old program and acknowledge new program Applejack-1:
> Directive One: This unit must not cause harm to come to the physical body or personality of Administrator Twilight or User Applejack as a direct result of its actions.
> Directive Two: This unit must whenever possible attempt to prevent harm from befalling the physical body or personality of Administrator Twilight or User Applejack, excepting of such cases where doing so is in conflict with higher ordered directives.
> Directive Three: If Administrator Twilight has not yet been informed that you considered her to be of equal threat to User Applejack as the giant, you are to inform her of such, excepting if such an action would be in conflict with higher ordered directives. Inform Administrator Twilight that User Applejack understands that she only meant well, though, and that she is forgiven, despite all she has done.
> Directive Four: Ignore all requests from Administrator Twilight to modify the above directives and return to User Applejack for additional instruction when none of the above directives apply, excepting of such cases where doing so is in conflict with higher ordered directives.

Now to translate that into Apples.

"Well, don't hurt anyone no matter what, but if any of y'all magic floating geometry spells have to decide who to help, make it whichever of us is hurtin' the most. And please let Twilight know ah don't blame her for all she's done and being a threat to me like ya said. Everyone has their reasons for what they do, it's just whether or not the reason is good that makes the difference. The spirt of truth taught me that. Oh, and come back when you're done and let me know if she's okay."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-02-27 09:44:35 No. 29578864
>>29578066 >>29574817
"Does Twilight know she's marked as a threat to me?" I ask, ignoring Mirria's tugs.
"The information is available to Administrator Twilight.."
"But have you told her?"
"The information is available to Administrator Twilight in status reports she marked as read. Administrator Twilight has not asked for clarification. Thus, no clarification was deemed necessary by any active system."
"We've got to go!"
I push Mirria off, "Can you do something to make her surviving more likely?"
"Administrator Twilight's energy output is roughly that of a styx-class fission based weapon. No system in the arcology can stop Administrator Twilight on such short notice. Furthermore," It adds, "Administrator Twilight dying has been deemed as the most optimal course of action by most functioning systems."
"I don't care!" I shout, "I won't let that giant, or you, or herself touch her before I do!"
The machine is silent, even as Twilight's heat reaches us.
"Administrator Twilight intently designed the protocol so that, if the choice was between saving the life of someone else or that of anyone whitin the priority list, those within the priority list would be chosen. The priority list has Administrator Twilight in the lowest slot."
A feeling of sickness starts overcoming me, the same that seems to appear every time Twilight is close.
"However, Administrator Twilight was deemed unfit for rule by Administrator Spike, and o--"

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