There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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That's when Twilight accelerates with one last start and hits the giant.
The whole of the machine shifts, pieces rearranging themselves like a jigsaw, and a head emerges on its hindquarters while the other disappears.
Mirria drags me away without a word as a shield appears between us and the explosion.
For a moment, all I can think is of Twilight, the aura she is projecting flaring like geometric flames, producing heat waves that deform the air around them.
The giant is burned by it and regrows almost as quickly-- Seared flesh evaporating away as it tries to reach Twilight, hands dissolving before even touching her.
He screams in sheer, mind numbing fury, advancing against the wall of destruction, his skull of a face eroding under the onslaught.
That's when the machine shielding us breaks down.
Several of its plates simply fall to the ground, charred and smoking, and its legs simply lose cohesion as it's thrown to us-- still trying to produce a shield even as it's whole body falls to pieces.
I wake up sometime later.
"By the pits, you can't stay put." Ludwig doesn't look at me, covering one of my hindlegs in bandages. "Has anyone told you you are a medic's worst nightmare?"
"I had to talk with that thing." I notice the machine's head is on the floor nearby and try to stand, but she hits me in the head with a telekinetic slap.
"Not yet." She forces my eyelids open and looks into them carefully, "Did you know the amount of radiation you've taken should have killed you?"
My heart sinks, "Mirria?"
"You were between her and the hit." Her horn alights, sparking a multitude of colors in front of my eyes, "No brain damage," She groans, seemingly frustrated by that, "You should have tumors on your tumors by now."
The non-answer doesn't pass me by, and I grab her arm,"I am not a shield. Mirria?"
Lud sighs, "I don't have the tools to measure radiation damage. She may have a few benign tumors in a few decades or die the next time she sleeps. For now she can't fly."

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