There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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It is more dangerous for you. I have my friends with me, and we all protect each other. You are alone. Let me protect you like you tried to protect me, Twi.

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"How much of that danger is there because of you!?" I shout.
"I put no danger in your way. Only barriers, intended not to be trespassed- to be turned away from."
"And do you think I'd turn away?" I start advancing to her, "Do you think I, of all people, would give up!?" Tears stream down my cheeks, "Do you think I'd turn away from my memories and myself!?"

("Applejack? Applejack! What's happening!", Calls Truth to me.)

She walks to me too, and with a pang of fury I realize it's only to take even the dignity of being the one to bear on her from me. "I took nothing of value." She lowers her head to be at eye level with me, and for an instant her disguise falls, "Your argument does not bear it's own words. You sought to remember because, even without memories, you were yourself. Because you have always been one integral piece, unferettable and unbreakable by any force in this world or any other." She touches my cheek fondly and I punch her hoof away even when I can barely stand, and an iota of obvious emotion enters her voice for the first time, "You are yourself, and that's why I love you as much as I do."
"Why!?" The word raises through my throat like bile, a bawl that makes me feel ashamed, "Why did you do that to me if you, if you...!?" The word won't come, too tainted by everything that's happened.
"Because if I could do this to you," She gulps, "Because if I can do what you need me to, the others will be easy in comparison."
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