There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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I grab the head, "I am Applejack."
"Confirming voice print... main databases unreachable, using cached copy. Identity confirmed, User Applejack authorized. Please, undo all changes to the system."
"What changes?"
"Main energy system not found. Secondary energy system not found. Tertiary energy system added, not sanctioned by the main database. Radio communications system not found. Etheric communications system not found. Geolocalization systems not found. Repeated tries to access the main data loop. Repeated tries to tamper with the data relay loop. Subspace relay present, but nonfunctional for unknown reasons."
"What happened to all those?" I ask Lud.
"You think I'd guide Twilight here?" She gives me a bothered look, "I took out anything that looked like it could."
"Queen of lies." Says a familiar voice behind me.
"What?" I ask aloud, turning to see no one.
My vision flashes green again, another headache splitting my head.
"Purple widow, killing her beloved."
"Applejack?" Asks Ludwig.
"Who are you?" I ask, not expecting an answer.
"What's wrong?" Ludwig looks around too, "We are alone."
Truth's voice comes to me, "What in Tartarus happened before?"
"And thereupon stood...." The unknown voice fades for a moment, "...still as the world moved."
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