There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"That voice is--"
"And so spun the world." The voice interrupts me, making the headache intensify. "Again and further away."
"Voice?" Truth materializes besides Ludwig, spooking her, and blinks quickly several times, "You. Check her frontal lobe."
"I was going to," She says gruffly, her horn alighting. "And who are you?"
"A spirit. Keep it talking, Applejack."
"Who are you?" I don't know how many times I've asked this already.
"A bard by any other name..."
"A bard?"
"As a young thing, life sure's something..." It singsongs.
"There's no interaction with the cortex." Ludwig remarks. "The prefrontal is low, though."
"What for?" Truth approaches me, focused on my head, "What about the memory areas?"
"How do you mean, a young thing?" I say.
"And let's...." The voice starts fading.
"Hold on, I am pulling out something." Ludwig starts sweating. "The system is trying to keep it down."
"Hadn't you disabled it?"
"Something must be overruling the directive." Her breathing becomes faster as my head aches more and more strongly. "Applejack? Some help?"
I can barely see anything beyond the green sheet that seems to cover my eyes, and then it shifts to a powder blue tone, "I implore of you, sweet knight, that you do not force me outside." It whimpers in pain, "Forgive what poisoned nectar may spill in my dreams, and grant me blissful sleep once again."
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