There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-03-18 12:04:52 No. 29693911
Go ahead, vessel of mine! Bounce on, you useless skull you! Gravity's for chumps who have yet to understand the fourteenth dichontological frequency, so screw it!
Damn, this place is so boring nowadays. Maybe I should go see what the new girls are up to. The lower floors have been explodey lately. What do you think, skull of mine?
It doesn't answer, which would be hilarious if it wasn't depressing but makes me laugh anyway for reasons that I am not entirely sure of. It's not THAT depressing at least. Hard for anything to be after literal millennium. More like a mild bother among too many others.
No, not boring. Mediocre's a better word for it.
Hey, lookatit! The purple queen bitch is falling down on the kid! You go bitch! Hope you and the kid kill each other! Don't bother to write, I don't remember how to read anyway!
Hey, is that my other me?
Nooo, can't be. There's no one to be holier than around here, at least no one--
Oooooh, the earth pony. I probably should do something when my other me tries to murder her pegasus friendo again. What's with that knife and pegasi?
Odd, my other me's ignoring them.
Let's nap for a bit. My headache got nastier again. Or should I call it nowhereache? Eh.
Nap time gooo...
Wakey wake.
Hey, purple bitch is alive.
"You suck purply!" No one who mucks with time travel is alright in my book. Shit makes my headaches so much worse.
And hey, the kid's still alive! To no one's surprise! I would put it out of its misery, if the only ways I know of weren't likely to kill me by proximity.
Huh, purply's taking a detour from her glorious flight to... wait, WAIT who in the pits gave her permission to park THAT at my tower?
There's procedure to these things. You don't just park your... flying saucer here and then just fly to my tower's catwalks. Without even climbing through the inside! Does she even know how dangerous that is?
And just why is she chatting with my other me? That knife better not be keeping secrets from me...
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