There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-03-20 09:16:49 No. 29710926
> "Shut up Spike. I'd also love to confirm if the Crystal Heart and Tree of Harmony are related to the earthbones, as Cadance and me have theorized for years now.
> "You forgot the risks."
> "Oh, yeah. Risks. Alright. Earthbones, earthbones. First of all...."

> "This is the fourth mayor audio log of our try to dig into the earthbones, and the second I'll add to my playlist. After several tries -detailed on previous logs, and with the resources spent noted on the respective sheets- and experiencing third degree burns on my hooves, we've made a model of the probe that, as a matter of fact, reached the earthbones."
> "It’s slipping!" Spike's voice sounds strained.
> "Right, it slipped my mind. There?"
> "I think so, yeah."
> "Back with you. I've got to be fast, so I'll explain it shortly:
> "Situation: The probe successfully reached the earthbones.
> "An unknown force is currently holding the probe down. This is very suboptimal.
> "The probe's systems do not answer the pings. Also suboptimal, might be caused by unrelated interference.
> "We confirmed, before the situation started, that the probe had collected samples. Optimal, might be what caused the aforementioned problems to happen."
> "Spike is using his non-measly strength to try pulling the probe back up by its wire, but it seems like the unknown entity has strength to match his own. Possibly more, I still haven't tested adding my also non-measly magical strength to his.
> "I will now help. I don't know if my interference could have any adverse effect, which is in itself suboptimal too.
>There's the sound of scraping metal, and of air being blasted away- something I remember only happened when Twilight uses extreme amounts of magic.

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