There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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>The next time she talked, her voice became slower or faster seemingly at random. "Approximate output: A hundred thousand thaums, of which three fourths are fueling the inverse delivery. The spell is having adverse effects on the flow of time right now, which I am sure will be interesting to someone. While the installation is also being adversely affected, the repair systems still can keep with the stress. The resistance presented by the probe also seems to be increasing steadily."
>There were several minutes of silence, only interrupted by the roar of fire.
> "Our combined output right now, and this is very much a guess, must be bordering the three hundred thousand thaums right now. Even I and Spike are noticing the strain which is in itself thoroughly suboptimal." Her voice still warped like before, slowing down and going faster, "Ontological sequence is starting to break down, as the ballpen embedded in my leg for no apparent reason proves."
> "Twilight?"
> "Celestia?"
> "I thought you called me?"
> "I haven't."
> "Girls? A hand?" Interrupted Spike.
> "Oh? Oh, you are being brutish again... What have I told you about four-phasic cores? And the program could be improved here, and here..."
> "Spike, remind me to call Celestia later."
> "See? You could've saved some with this. Now, let's see if we can get this done in time for tea."
>They didn't talk for several minutes, the wind fluctuating all the while.
> "Spike's flame is now making its way here at three fourths of the speed of sound, which means the mass of the probe has seemingly increas--." Twilight was interrupted by the screeching of metal, which was interrupted almost immediately.
> "That could've gone very badly." Said Celestia.
> "Thanks."
> "I thought of exactly one hundred, twenty-eight ways it could've gone badly in the time it took me to move."
> "Thanks."
> "Resume your sciencing," Celestia said jokingly, "I'll clean things up. And you rest, Spike."
> "But--"
> "Now you rest, Spike."
> "Fine."

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