There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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> "I.... needed to be nowhere for a while." Admitted Twilight after a few seconds, "Things were too overbearing."
> "Aren't you glad that your friend gave you time for yourself, then?"
> "No."
> "You are angry with her over this?"
> "She's not letting me help her."
> "I... I suppose I understand, I'll let you be." Her voice faded away.
> "Goodbye.
> "This is still working?
> "Twilight out."

> "This is Twilight, on the moon again.
> "I used my own magic to come this time... my headache was too intense, and I needed some space.
> "Utter, that's what the world feels like to me. Utter. Too heavy and crushing, like it's falling over me.
> "Twilight out, I can't even bear the buzzing of this thing."

> "This is Twilight.
> "I nearly hurt Rainbow.
> "She--" There's a sob, "She touched my shoulder. And it hurt. It hurt so bad I nearly hit her away with telekinesis.
> "What's a touch between friends?" She sobbed again, "There wasn't any way to stop the spell by the time I noticed, so I just redirected it instead.
> "And it hurts so bad.
> "My ribs will take days to mend, and I don't see from an eye.
> "The anesthetic charms are working, but I still hurt.
> "I'll just try to rest.
> "Hopefully Rainbow didn't notice all of this before I teleported."

> "Rainbow's been searching me.
> "I can feel her, through the connection of the Elements. My eyes track her, even when distance makes her impossible to see.
> "I can't let her see me like this."

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