There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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> Catch up on
> INV:
"Wh--" I blink rapidly, realizing that my eyes are painfuly dry. "What?"
"What's wrong?" Asks Mirria, concerned.
"I am not sure." I rub my head and thankfully the headache goes away quickly. "I think it's Twilight." Mirria's eyes shot to the window immediately, so I put a hoof on her withers, "The elements' connection is odd sometimes. Don't worry. Let's see if we can find those--"
There is a shout above. I put on my bags and trot up there with Mirria, Rarity and Winona nowhere to be seen.
"Calm down," Someone I haven't seen before is trying to soot the skeletal griffon that attacked us before, "Calm down, please."
The griffon shouts in response, "What for!?"
"Please, you have to breathe, remember your exercises?"
"Do you see any lungs in here, Rubicon?" The griffon points at his hollow chest, walking circles around Rubicon. "What use is calming down? I am a nightmare! Reduced to mere function, assuming I ever was more than that!"
"But you don't have to be," Rubicon turns to keep facing him. "Have you truly forgotten that?"

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