There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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2017-04-14 07:36:06 No. 29865925
Can you show it why? Can he go from dream to nightmare or dream to person? Anything other than what he is right now. He can't go on being a monster.

2017-04-14 07:42:44 No. 29865955
The Tantabus was designed to keep Luna from forgetting. What was the boy designed to do?

What is at the top of your tower?

!CammyIzMqA 2017-04-14 10:06:01 No. 29866924
>>29865925 >>29865955
"What was the gi-- the boy's function?"
"His function?"
"Luna made Tantabus to not forget, and it decided to help her." Luna still has Tantabus around, but usually doesn't talk about her. "What did you make the boy for?"
He's quiet at that, the dark objects in his eyes that I suppose are pupils shifting around. "I... never thought about that. I need to speak with my masters now."
I offer a hoof to help him help, and nearly fall over from his weight when he climbs, "Hmp... Could you make it into something else?"
"Not as long as it presents the resistance it surely will." He says distractedly, his mind somewhere else.
He climbs the ledge and falls off it immediately, crashing on the other side.
"Rubicon?" I shout.
"The body is fine." It's all he says.
I share a look with Mirria, who shrugs, and hop to the top of the ledge to climb down to Sarim.
By the time we enter Sarim's library Rubicon is already inside-- looking around quietly.
"Ah." The cat that Sarim decided to be now hops into the window, "Long time no see."
"Too long, master." Rubicon lowers his head. "And I regret it's not in better circumstances."
"Do you want to talk with my sisters?"
"I can't say I want to, but..." Rubicon leaves it in the air.
The cat nods and turns around, "Ludwig? We got visitors."
Both of them heed the call-- the pony entering through the door and, a moment later, the knife spinning to the windowsill besides Sarim.
"What is that you want?" Asks the knife immediately.
"Repentance, teacher." Rubicon lowers his head in a reverence, "And guidance. I... am aware you have confronted the usurper of this tower repeatedly."
"The child, yes. A hysteric fool."
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