There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"You have always been a fool, Rubicon. But at least you are a fool who learns." She adds grudgingly.
Rubicon seems to relax from this, "To speak crudely, I had feared to find you both in a worst state. The few years since my mistake have clearly been unkind to everyone else."
"Oh, we weren't even here." Sarim goes back to licking his paw for a moment, "There was this fascinating ideological movement on a village far north of here. It had been days since our return when the element of honesty barged in so rudely for the first time." He gives me an amused sideways look.
"We've experienced worse, Rubicon." Adds Ludwig.
"Worse than the complete collapse of our order?"
"You are a dreamer of the third order for a reason. We don't like being loud about it, but..." Sarim does the closest thing to a shrug a cat can do.
"I was not aware of this, my teachers."
"The first time we had to end it. The second time, Surane themselves took care of it. The tower and us are almost the only constant."
Rarity gives me a look, her thoughts transparent to me-- 'The only constant in three consecutive failures.'
Rubicon doesn't answer this, so I speak up, "Can you really not help us with the giant?"
"The child is a creation of the dreamers, youngling." Ludwig answers for him, "It's dreamers who will take care of it."

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