There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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> Catch up on
> INV:
"All I know about you dreamers, is that almost everyone here are acting like foals!" I answer as loudly as I can without actually shouting.
"No, you!" I interrupt the knife. "You call everyone kids while acting like a Celestia damned teenager! And the most sane of you bunch is the Celestia damned cat!" Mirria and Rarity put their hooves in my withers.
"That's what grief usually does, yes." Sarim's ears flicker in annoyance, giving his sister a look.
"It's the true. I am patient as can be with you, Lud, but it's led you fall in this sorry state."
"I am not a teenager." The knife's voice, for once, is weak.
"Which means you don't even have that excuse. I worry for you, Ludwig. You are much too attached to things that aren't there anymore."
"Such as?" The knife's voice returns in strength, a challenge rather than a question.
"Purpose in life. Biggs." The name is said quietly.
"He's still alive." Says the knife defensively.
"Someone who refuses to communicate is worse than them being dead. You are dismissed, sister. Do think about my words."
"You don't get to--"
The wood of the windowsill grows branches, their foliage thick enough to hide the knife completely. When they go back into the woodwork, the knife isn't there anymore.
"And you, old pupil." Sarim turns back to Rubicon. "I expect you have things to say about the giant's make up."
"I--" Rubicon steps back, "I can't! I am the one who failed to teach him! I-- It's my responsibility to do something!"
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