There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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> Catch up on
> INV:
At some point, I realize I am awake.
My eyes flutter open.
The light hurts my eyes, and the nearly-gaseous liquid that surounds me is too warm.
"Say your name." A recording from a nearby speaker plays.
A faint headache appears as soon as I try to remember, but I fight against it.
"Twilight Sparkle." The name brings some comfort.
There's something outside... I force my eyes to adjust, and see that I am in some kind of tank.
Is this one of the regeneration capsules?
I try to flutter my wings and have to fight panic immediately, where are they? What did I do to get so damaged that the tank had to regenerate me to a base unicorn form? What could've caused so much damage at all levels?
Calm down... the room outside the tank is lit, and text scrolls through a nearby screen, and the green, blinking light means it's safe for me to exit the tank.
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