There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"Computer!" I shout again, trotting for the door. "Spike!?"
"Is anyone here!" I shout as loudly as I can, "Spike! Where are you!"
There's no answer at first, but after a moment an old diplomatic droid model glides in through a nearby doorway, "Yes, ma'am?"
"What happened to this place!?"
"This unit was about to connect to the mainframe for updated status and instructions, ma'am."
"You can do that later, bring me food!"
"Of course, ma'am." The drone floats away at a pleasant speed.
I hate that model so much at times.
My stomach groans again, so after a moment of indecision I drag myself back to the pod, heat and the gases from the nearly melted metal floor below having made me dizzy in that short amount of time.
Remember, Twilight, remember...
All too soon, the starbust-shaped drone glides into the room holding two boxes on two of its rays, each large enough for me to sit comfortably inside.
I don't think much for a long while after that.
The boxes are both empty after what feels like minutes, my focus too centered on the eating for me to feel pain as my bones break and reform one by one.
I lift my hooves, testing the joints.
I look at my back. No wings still- clearly not enough food for that to happen, and my magic still feels feverish.
A screech sounds across the arcology.
"What's that?" I ask the diplomatic droid, since it's the only one who's answered so far.
"There is an emergency statement coursing through the systems, ma'am. The speakers seem to be damaged."
"What is it!?" I shout, trying not to fall on my side as the arcology shakes.
"Prisoner six-two-six has escaped containment, ma'am."
"There is no prisoner with that number." I walk to the catwalk outside.
"Prisoner six-two-six was captured by User Twilight Sparkle recently, ma'am."

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