There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"Query a description of the prisoner." I look around in case they appear. "And where are the girls?"
"The only nearby Element is Administrator Applejack, ma'am."
Administrator? She must have her reasons. "Is she in immediate danger?"
"Last I knew it wasn't immediate."
"She can handle herself. And the prisoner?"
"The arcology's mainframe is not allowing this unit to log into the systems." The star circles around me, as if searching something, "As it stands, we both seem to be blocked off most systems."
"Don't you have any information yourself?" I look at the lower catwalk. I might be able to jump down there, if my earth pony magic is as developed as I think it is, and the kitchens are south of there, and the research and levitation engine rooms north.
"During your fight with it, the prisoner's body was twice as large as you are now and was covered in what seemed like several layers of robes. It also wore a bird-like mask, or had a remarkably bony face."
My eyes open wide.
Another shout echoes across the broken arcology.
"Star, when was the prisoner captured and in which conditions?"
"By the time of the capture this unit had moved to a safe location away from the fight, ma'am. My apologies."
"Can you tell me where she is now?"
The next shout, and the sound of Magic running past reinforced steel walls like they are paper, make my legs shake.
"The arcology's unstability is disrupting the radars, ma'am."
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