There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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2017-04-21 11:39:06 No. 29923337
Run to the earthbones and save it. We may have to let the arcology fall but we're not letting the bones die too.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-04-22 02:04:29 No. 29923996
The earthbones.
I force my legs to bear my weight again, ignoring the contusion I surely have.
A hearty bite on my tongue forces me to full awareness. I am unable not to swallow my own blood despite its taste, my body still yearning for any sustenance.
The door to the earthbones is locked.
"Star, disable scrupulous algorithm." I demand, trying to keep by breathing in check so the voice command is recognized.
"Acknowledged, ma'am."
"Spark surge at top intensity." I step away from the door. "Disable heat and energy consumption regulations."
"Acknowledged, ma'am." Electric arcs start coursing through its rays increasingly quickly until it's all released, making a red hot hole in the door.
The heat sears my skin as I jump through it, my eyes nailed on its crystalline surface.
Magic bursts into the room, charging through a wall and heading for me.
I barely have enough magic to teleport a few meters to the left, but doing so I manage to evade her hit without losing any speed.
"Sparkle!" She tries to catch me before I touch the earthbones, but only tears off a few hairs off my tail.
Everything is clear.
Everything is so clear the instant I touch the earthbone.
The surface of the earthbone is a million million strings, all intertwined into the massively complex patterns, the smallest mere atoms thick.
I am sorry, Spike, for what I have to do.
I tear off a filament from the earthbone and swallow it.
Magic flows into me, invigorating my body.
The radiation of my own magic creates more even faster than it usually does. They are purged as fast as they appear. I force a multitude of enchantments onto my body.
My body fills, the creation of mass from energy absurdly easy after all the practice I had healing Fluttershy. Electric arcs course through my insides as a sideproduct of the magic, creating burns that are healed instantly. Pleasure washes over me, making my nethers tense and my breathing accelerate.

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