There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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I head for the gravestone, careful not to step on the flower, and take a moment to read it despite the bad lighting:

> Here rests a little brother, a hero of the Crystal Empire, and a knight of shinning flame.
> Fare thee well in whatever might lay beyond, you my first miracle, and may it deserve your sweetness.

Under it, seemingly scrawled by claws, someone wrote:

>When the third is torn, howls likes gales,
>The first cried -mouth torn open- bitter finales
>Another was quiet, tears inside,
>All others far away, too much to cry.

I shake my head with sigh and reach for a hat I don't have, wanting to lower it for a moment.
"Hey," The unicorn calls me, "Can you read this?"
"That sign?" You walk to it, "What about it?"
"I can't recognize the language." She moves aside to let me see the golden plaque nailed to the wood of the sliding door.
It takes me a moment, but I read the antiquated language after a few tries.

> In this place and a dozen hundred decades ago was the first order of the Dreamers first called such, by the then present master Biggs, in commemoration of grand arcanist's Ludwig's passing.

I try to slide the door open unthinkingly, but there's bronze blocks at both sides preventing it from being open.
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