There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"And any idea of how to get us in?"
"Give me some space." She moves a few steps away from the door and alights her horn after I've done the same, wrapping the bronze slabs in telekinesis.
The first thing that happens when she tries to pull is she herself getting dragged towards them, even when four more glows erupt around her hooves.
I grab her in a hug and, after she nods, start pushing in the opposite direction, my hindhooves pushing against the first step of the stairs.
"Almost--" She says between gritted teeth, making me turn my head to the wall. One of the slabs is coming off, if only a little, tearing off a brick with it...
...And the brick pulls in again suddenly, a low whine chiming from it for an instant. the suddenness of it pulling us to the door like a slingshot.
"Stars above," The unicorn rubs her head, "If the walls are too hard..." Her horn alights again.
"What are you doing?" I ask.
"I burn the door." She helps me stand, sparks spawning around the door and focusing on it's center.
It's more like an explosion than an actual fire, heat erupting suddenly from the wood when it starts burning.
"A pity." You can't help saying. "It's good wood and carpentry."
"That it is." She encases the fire in a bubble, starving it of air now that the hole's large for us to pass. "Careful with the edges--"
The whine chmes again, this time unbearable loud as every brick around the door vibrates in place, small fragments flying to the hole in the door. Before either of us knows what to do, the wall opens and sucks the air and us with it, forcing us in like a maw.
Bricks start sealing the door immediately, and by the time we gain our bearings there isn't a doorway there anymore.
The sound of flowing water reaches you from the west.
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