There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"Alright, fine." I say as softly as I can, pulling the projector closer, "I'll just get this, alright?"
It doesn't answer, but you move the unplugged machine to the opposite corner of the table to give the creature some space as you can.
The projector is a somewhat modern and, by the wear on the moving parts, very much used model.
"Looks electric." Says the unicorn, throwing constant, wary glances to the creature. "But I can't see any outlet in the room."
"You can't juice it, can't you?" I ask half heartedly, already knowing the answer I'll get.
"Direct magic to electricity conversion is inefficient." She takes some of the slides off their slots. "About a hundred to one ratio."
"Huh. You got a name?" I ask curiously, squinting into the slide she gives me.
"I--" She falls completely silent, "I am--" You turn to her, noticing that her breathing is acelerating. "I... I don't--" She gulps, tapping the floor nervously with a hoof, "I must have a name. I can't just... not have one, right?"
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