There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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I look down from the ledge and, after a quick look, hop to the stone wall and slide down to the small path under it.
Talk about plumps, I think as I circle around the water to reach it. What's one doing where nothing can move the pollen? And why doesn't it have more branches?
Ha. Between the things I've seen in here it's botanic incoherency that bothers me.
"You coming down or what?" I ask Sparkle.
"That thing said 'Expand' and that room should be surrounded by other rooms." She says, distracted.
"So what? They didn't dig out this part before."
"The air pressure's higher here. We are underground and weren't a second ago."
"Mind getting to the point already?"
"Bigger-on-the-inside spells. But they are very unreliable." She tells to herself, "You'd need some stabilizing element if you wanted to..." She starts muttering to herself.
"So are you coming down?" I put my hoof on the bud and jerk it away immediately.
The bud shakes for a moment, bulges moving under it's surface and it's glow -or that or whatever is inside it- increasing briefly.
The bud goes back to normal, not iving any indications of having ever changed.
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