There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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2017-06-19 04:56:04 No. 30344374
Okay, then let's go back up. Leaves in the water mean trees and trees mean plant life to eat.

2017-06-19 04:59:39 No. 30344401
I am still unclear what is up with the rope on the pole
Go forward and look at the table. Take the ladder.
She just said she can't lift anything.

2017-06-19 05:31:16 No. 30344695
Oh I see. I thought the gorge was a hill.
bring the rope up and attach the other bit of rope so we can go to the bottom of the cavern.
Or maybe just find a way to hook it over that log or the thing below it and swing across.

2017-06-19 05:40:53 No. 30344778
Wait better idea.
Use the piece of rope still attached to the pole to climb up to the log. Then use the loose rope to. No wait that won't work.

Bring up the rope on the pole to see if it has anything on the end.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-19 08:04:26 No. 30345853
>>30344374 >>30344401
>>30344417 >>30344425
>>30344695 >>30344778
I pull the rope that's hanging from the pole, wrapping it around my leg loosely. There's short lenghts knotted to it every once in a while, confirming that this was a bridge.
There's a small wood plank tied to one of them, which I throw down the chasm to see how deep it is.
Ten seconds pass, then a minute, then five. Not a sound can be heard.
I don't think I can reach the bottom with this much rope. Assuming there's one, I think against my better senses.
Ain't right, to have holes without a bottom.
"Wait me here." I tell Sparkle, making some knots on the rope, "I'll be back in a moment, you hear me?"
She nods, and it looks like even keeping her eyes open is an effort.
I spin the lasso on the air and throw it with a flick of my tail, hooking it to the log, and pull a few times to test it's strength... It doesn't move, so I take a few deep breaths, tie the rope to leg and an end to the pole on this side, and make the jump.
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