There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"Stop asking ME questions." I snap. "Well for all I know we are all dead!"

"What? No, that's silly." He snaps out of his dread with a snort. "Twi can't just, die. And knowing you you'd just say nope to death and come right back because you have chores left." He says mater of factly. "It must be some bad dream that I am getting all mixed up. So, why does Twi look like a truck ran over her."

"Stop calling me that." Protests Sparkle.

"What?" The dragon is confused by the small outburst, "It's your name. Twilight Sparkle, plus more titles that care about. Oh, and you," He points at me. "Applejack. And I am Spike."

I shake my head with a sigh, "There wasn't any way to come down here, so she levitated a ladder with us."
"That's it?" He gives Sparkle a surprised look.
"There's something with some doors too. Like you are freezing."

"And it happened when she was coming down?" He looks up the tunnel, "I can climb this. But what were you doing there?" He gestures at the passage behind me.

"Some weird lock I didn't figure out." I disregard it.
"You sure you don't want to give it another go?" He grabs the rope from the floor, "Yeah, gimme a sec and I'll pull you two up with this."

"I am hungry." Protests Sparkle, still looking like she's about to fall off.
"Oh. Yeah. And see if there's food behind the lock too."
Sparkle's ears perk up at that. "What lock."
"It had a few marked buttons, two three five--"
"Prime numbers." She interrupts you.
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