There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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2017-08-02 05:11:37 No. 30647659
Without the proper tools like a multimeter there is a limit to what we can do here, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to take a few shots in the dark for the hell of it. We could try replacing any wires that look damaged, or switch out the battery to a new one.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-08-02 08:24:56 No. 30648902
>>30644544 >>30647659
I lift the lid of the battery -one of it's contacts melted and almost half the size of the other one- a little, wondering if the issue is inside it, and have to pause. This isn't a large battery, but just a box with a lot of AA batteries that, I guess, multiplexes their charge.
This, just...

I groan and replace the five oldest batteries with new ones -keeping one to myself just in case- from the toolbox, the dial going up a notch after I do that, but he computer still marks the battery as having just under a third of it's charge.
With that done, I move the torch closer to the coolant liquid unit's dial. It's a hair in the red, so I search for it's lid and start opening it.

Liquid starts leaking immediately. I search some more until I find a particularly hard to reach on/off switch and take a deep breath. The machine is hot already, so I put the bottle at easy reach and loosen the lid again. This better work.

I turn it off and take off the lid at the same time, ignoring the hit liquid that sings my fur, then squish the bottle to pour it's contents faster. The machine feels much too hot by the time the needle reaches yellow, so I put the lid on as fast as I can, turn it on, and wait for a moment in silence.

The air starts to cool down. I read the monitor again.

Apparently I didn't save the layered image so I had to draw it all over again.
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