There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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I open the door, careful not to exit the room, and cringe when cold drops start falling on my fur again.
"Hi?" I ask, wondering if they'll actually see me.
They turn to me surprised, making me wonder what are they afraid of, and when I don't pounce on them with a weapon one speaks in dense, heavily accented Suranean I can barely understand.
"Hey [ ] you [ ] doing [ ] minotaurs?"ยท
I shake my head, talking in Equiish, "I don't understand you." He just shakes his head in shared ignorance, so I try another language. "Hello?"
"Ah! hello" He smiles, talking in Tharatean, "I am of many, congratulations that welcome you."
I cringe harder, but decide to ignore his horrible accent, "What is this?" I pause, remembering the words 'time travel' "What year is it?"
"This tower of dream! Big importances." He says proudly, then seems guilty, "You, with knife?"
"What knife."
"None!" He rushes to say, "You ask when year? Sixty!"
"Thanks, mister..." I look at the coffin. "What's with that?"
"Me of Seer." He says, then points at the coffin adds. "Big important! Armor of armor!"
I only blink at that.

"Ha!" He keeps talking, "Daring much. Took many pickaxe to find. Historical perspective! Much!" He walks closer to me, looking curiously into the room, "Normal standard engine it broke?" He points at the machine I sort of fixed. "Be calm! Did too. Saw big animals! Then it went back." He taps his chest. "And went back with sick, lungs not the same since. You lucky!" He smiles widely and points at me, careful to not pass the hoof across the doorway. "Not much far, yes?"

I need a moment to process his words, "Sixty two."

"Ah! Lucky! See?" His smile grows wider. "Did my name get big importants?" He points at the coffin, "Big discover. Minotaurs very helpful too."

"I wouldn't know." I say with as much tact as I can, "I was a visitor. The place looked the same."
"Oh." His smile fades some. "Oh. Can I be help?" He asks politely. "You look, not best day."
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