There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"Food?" You ask, pantomiming eating.
"True!" He nods, turning around. "Food! Back in moment."
He brings a cup of coffee and a sandwich, smiling all the while as if you were a hard to please inspector... He did ask if you were with someone else, and might very well think you are exactly that.
"So," You point at the coffin, "Armor of armor?"
"Armor of armor!" He repeats, "Dreamer that taught!" He seems confused for a moment. "Dreamer that made. Maker that dreamer!" He nods to himself, "Armor by maker that dreamer. Very historical importance!"
Metal clangs loudly outside the room. A mare shouts angrily, metal reverberating with her voice.
Seer's turns in that direction immediately. "Back in a later!"
He doesn't wait for an answer before in a question, running out of the room with everyone else.
No one returns before the machine returns back to your proper time, and you try not to think about it when you read the monitor again.

>Event-sequence-spot anchored.
>>Currently synced with proper event-sequence-spot. You may exit the room safely.
>>Warning: Event-sequence seems to be damaged. Two or more event-sequences seem to be ocurring at once in the local space.
>>Warning: Do NOT exit the tower before this is fixed. Risk of quantum-entangled replicas is high.
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