There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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I press B and then -without waiting for it to draw completely- E, seemingly glitching the computer for a moment.

>It's unknown, due to grand maesters Ludwig and Ludwig reticence to share such information, how large was the space of the tower originally intended to be. Dreamer's Tear -the foundation upon which everything else was built- is missing, as Ludwig and Ludwig have sealed it's pocket space from anyone's access.
>However, we have found that it naturally compartmentalizes. The area outside the tower is the outer bubble: The possibly looped space of the forest processes air and is fundamental to maintain a healthy biosphere.
>The outer shell of the tower is a solid cylinder. It's bricks react very negatively to any try to penetrate it by force, and because of this any try to do so is punished with remotion from the order.
>The inner shell is where compartments increase exponentially. The walls of the tower shift on their own at their habitants' will, creating more rooms as needs be. Each room is a bubble in what Ludwig, Ludwig, and Sarim have often described as a foam-space.
>We estimate that the tower has, in it's long history, accumulated almost a billion rooms. Most of them are forgotten and thus inaccessible.
>Each of these spaces is it's own separate entity. Normality standarizers maintain the tower through it's ages-long decadence, ensuring that time stays synchronized and the rooms' layout is stable, but they can't correct the fact that almost every room is, in fact, describable as it's very own space bubble, heavily affected by our own perception of it due to the dream world's influence.
>After the incidents caused by our defense of the tower during Nightmare Moon's attempted invasion, experimentation with the space bubbles has been strictly forbidden. It's only very recently that we found the bodies, after all, and their still fresh expressions confirmed that it wasn't a peaceful death.
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