There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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"And you know," He climbs to the ledge above and lowers the rope to us, "You guys, you guys kind of went thru so many story tropes you know? Flutters and Twi each had amnesia twice, so for me this is kind of, run off the mill for me. Wake up in dungeon, find out who the baddy is, friendship at him. Will you grab?"
Twilight gulps down what remains of her coffee, nothing but pleasure on her face when she does so, and grabs to the rope he lowered.
"ALright, I'll pull you in fast. Where was I? Oh, the baddy. This place has the look of a dungeon. YOu haven't seen a red angry guy with like a hundred hands, haven't you?" We shake our heads. "Must've been a dream too. But yeah, I'll get you two off here, call Celestia, and get you two a medic. Maybe see why Twi isn't an alicorn and why isn't her body trying to turn into one."
"I am an alicorn?" Twilight looks lost for a moment, so I wrap a leg around her lest she falls."
"You should be. Get ready," He heaves a faster pull through the area where we felt cold, "That thing's nasty."
"The computer said we should't get out of the tower. There's two time thingies happening." I tell him.
"Two time thingies?" Twilight's horn alights, but she only cringes, "Ooouch:"
"Twi, time's complex." Says Spike as we reach the higher floor, "Eat some more before trying to scan it."

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