There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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2016-04-23 06:58:40 No. 27166288
Last thread, we entered a tower that was larger on the inside and found a wounded hand. We talked Morse with it, tried to help it, nearly killed it, saved it, and followed it after it said "Home" to us.
>INV: Crystal ball, bluish metal knife, some food, torch (Lit, still with around an hour of use left), Hat (Worn), Cape (Worn, part of it was ripped off to bandage the Morse Hand), some kid's ball.
Last thread: >>27159578

2016-04-23 07:00:48 No. 27166303
We climb for a while, the hand growing weaker and weaker, until we reach a well lit room, some kind of glass brazier hanging from a brass chain on the domed ceiling. I see a small drawer with some papers on it, but the hand seems to be going out to some balcony. Cold, humid air enters through the doorless aperture.


!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 07:27:29 No. 27166446
I give a quick look to the papers.
They have holes of different sizes. I've seen this, it's for automated Morse machines.
I could read it, but it'd take me a few minutes.
(The hand seems to be tapping something in the balcony, but whatever makes this place bigger on the inside must be distorting the sound. I could swear I hear heavy breathing.)
I put the papers in my bag and follow the hand. I'll offer it to cauterize the wound a soon as I know what is that's breathing.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 07:46:42 No. 27166527
A thousand thousand bells sound.
The hand connects to its home, its arm, with a wet sound.
A face approaches me, its margins only vaguely defined.
Its eyes see my soul, and have no care for it.
My breathing comes in short bursts. Panic rises in me. I step back, but my muscles lock.
I can hear it breathing, yet no air comes in or out of its mouth.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 08:00:32 No. 27166598
I gulp.
Its lips, too thin to cover the maw under them in the first place, expose the teeth further.
[I recognize you]
It approaches me. The voice does not come from its mouth, but from the bells in its flesh-- they all sing an aria, too complex for me to bear, and the resonances create a voice.
[You were a traveler]
[You helped the alicorn whore and her dragon fucktoy]
[You helped them try to kill me]
[Why are you alive]
[I told you to die]

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 08:20:45 No. 27166713
I run.
The aria is too large
Too beautiful
It's not my muscles that lock,
It's reality that heeds to it
That weeps to the song and answers.
I am but a particle of the mechanism that was just triggered.
"I-- I don't know what you mean, the hand only said--"
[What it did while on its own is of no concern to me]
[Why are you alive]

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 08:38:04 No. 27166829
My legs tremble. It grumbles impatiently.
(I am stubb--)
(I am but a particle)
The Morse hand writhes in its arm, ignored by the giant.
(I am stubb--)
(--But a parti--)
My breathing comes out in short busts, and a pain grows in my chest, but,
, but it is a good pain,
, my legs tremble, seeking to escape,
[I grow impatient,]

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 08:52:55 No. 27166922
(I am stubb--
A stubb--
I am a stubborn parti
"I am--
"I am a stubborn"
The hand is spazzming. The giant regards it, the hold on me growing weak for an instant, but losses interest in it almost immediately.
"I am a stubb--"
I feel the taste of copper in my mouth.
I don't feel my left arm.
"I am a stubborn
My legs
My chest hurts
I ru

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 09:26:16 No. 27167118
This is my first time touching Diamond Dogs in any shape or form, so, yeah. Should've done it before, I know.
I feel most of my body, but my left arm is out cold. My chest hurts.
I try to stand up.
Someone gasps behind me. I call for help.
"Who-- whoareyou!?" Asks a kid.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 09:39:16 No. 27167196
I am
"I am..."
("Wowsers! You really are a stubborn mare!"
"Been told I am," I shake her hoof. "Applejack"
"I have a long booooooring name, but you can call me Pinkie Pie!")
"I am Applejack"
I fall again.
Dubiously at first, the dog walks closer to me.
"What's wrong with you? How can I help?"

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 09:56:15 No. 27167320
"There was--"
I stop, panic rising again and the pain in my chest increasing.
I hear.
There is no sound at all besides our breaths.
"My chest hurts, and I don't feel my leg"
The taste of copper won't go away. I search my bag for a water bottle and find nothing.
"We..." The dog pauses. "Me and my brothers have a place were we hide. I could help you there, and, and you could take a nap. Big bro always says all you need to feel good is a good night's sleep."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 10:23:42 No. 27167531
He guides me, sometimes having to carry me, and at some point I fall asleep in a bed.
I wake up what feels like hours later to shouting.
"Re re, dura ke la mina! Questrian se!" There is a sound as if someone was banging a table with a hammer.
"Se!" Shouts back the dog that helped you. "Se, et tu!"

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 10:25:58 No. 27167543
He guides me, sometimes having to carry me, and at some point I fall asleep in a bed.
I wake up what feels like hours later to shouting.
"Re re, dura ke la mina! Questrian se!" There is a sound as if someone was banging a table with a hammer.
"Se!" Shouts back the dog that helped you. "Se, et tu!"

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 10:56:29 No. 27167750
I crawl the passage, having to stop halfway through to collect my breath, and step into the other room. My left leg seems better now, at lea--
A floating gauntlet points at me accusingly.
"Questrian. mina! Re!"
The dog looks at me, shouts at the armor pieces, and looks back to me.
"Pha! Lil bro thinks he's hot shit since he got that armor. He says you want to eat us and steal our toys!" He pauses "Why did you have his ball, anyway?"

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 11:11:13 No. 27167866
"I found it. Near were you you found me."
The dog tells something to the armor, and I don't know how am I supposed to reach when the armor stutters.
"E-Ehk, Questrian ehk! Ehk ehk ehk ehk ehk!"
"Se!" Cuts the dog. The armor shuts up immediately. He turns to me again. "Forgive him, he always forgets his toys all over the place. He was calling you a liar," He rolls his eyes. "As if he hadn't begged me to help him find the ball."
I nod weakly.
"Thanks..." I leave it in the air.
"Quibra," He points at the armor "And Dere. Are you fine now?"
"A little," I nod. "Can I make up for the help? Anything?"
"Well..." He pauses. "Big bro went to do something, he insisted in that there was something he had to get at the top of the tower. Could you tell him to stop being an idiot and come back if you see him? Dere's getting worried."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 11:34:23 No. 27168000
I nod.
"Did he tell you..." I pause for breath. "Did he tell you what it was?"
"No, not really." It seems to be a sore spot for him. "I can give you some water, anyway, noticed you don't have any, and lil bro says your heart attacked you or something. He's always saying weird things about people."
"Oh" I blink, not knowing what to make of that.
"You get used to it. I'll be back with the water in a moment" He walks out of the room.
You look at Dere and clear your throat awkwardly.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 11:37:07 No. 27168015
I nod.
"Did he tell you..." I pause for breath. "Did he tell you what it was?"
"No, not really." It seems to be a sore spot for him. "I can give you some water, anyway, noticed you don't have any, and lil bro says your heart attacked you or something. He's always saying weird things about people."
"Oh" I blink, not knowing what to make of that.
"You get used to it. I'll be back with the water in a moment" He walks out of the room.
A moment of silence passes.
I look at Dere and clear my throat awkwardly. He stands still.

2016-04-23 12:11:13 No. 27168217
(Can it-- he even eat?)
Quibra enters with a canteen and throws it to me.
"Don't worry, the waterfall's near. Oh, and be careful with the door."
I nod and make my way out of the cubicle, almost hitting my head with a small hook in it.
As soon as I am out, the shelves that cover the entrance slam closed.
I remember vaguely having come from the right.

2016-04-23 01:55:39 No. 27168970
Sorry realized I hadn't made how the waterfal works clear enough
I continue right, wary of the hole in the ceiling, but thankfuly nothing bleeds on me.
This must be the waterfal Quibra mentioned. I don't have a clock, but it seems like it sends water only during odd minutes.
I think I could make the jump while it's off, but I'd be too tired to do it again until I had a moment to get back my breath. Just in case I hear for a moment, but no sound comes from the other side.

2016-04-23 02:11:50 No. 27169115
Making next room, still will accept commands related to this room until it's done.
At first it's a trickle, just enough to wet me, but by the time it stops it seems strong enough to break bones.
(Autumn leaves? Where are they coming from?)
I look at the waterfall. Yep, crearly coming from above.
(...there is a forest somewhere above?)
It's not reflecting (I considered that but deemed it too time-consuming-- my light management only goes as far as clipping layers over a multiply layer, with the clipping layers having varying degrees of transparence to simulate the light's intensity. Still, I love how moody things can be made with only that.

2016-04-23 02:23:03 No. 27169219
Haven't eaten a bite in a few hours now, brb
I remember running with someone vaguely, but the waterfar going on and off distracts me too much, as does the cold water falling on me.
(Thank Celest---
(Thank the heavens for the cape.)

2016-04-23 03:06:05 No. 27169641
Sowwy for taking so long. An update or two more and I'll pause for the day.
I go to the next room, still searching for a place I recall being in.
A barely perceptible rasping, not unlike wind, comes from the other side of the door.

2016-04-23 03:18:56 No. 27169742
Both the glass and the brazier seem more ornamental than anything else. The coal is fresh, even.
I put the brazier in the floor to walk more comfortably and sneak up on the door.
The noise softens from time to time, but there's no rhythm to i...
A vague intuition tells me that there is a rhythm to it, actually-- only one too large for me to fully understand, the rhythm of a whole world working like a precise machine.
It's wind.

2016-04-23 04:47:14 No. 27170422
I had a minor real-life problem AND software decided to be a dick. I had to VNC to my linux machine and launch gimp there to make this damn gif not loop.
I could use a better light source... but my breath is still short from the jump. Better to give myself a bit more time before making any effort.
I peek in.
The sunlight blinds me for a second, by my eyes adapt quickly.
I can hear birds chirping from beyond the windows, and the smell of the books is soothing.

2016-04-23 05:04:21 No. 27170546
The books on the shelves seem to be arranged by language-- just at a cursory glance I recognize Tharatean, Aeheran , Canary, and Caraval, and that's only the languages I have at least a basic knowledge of. There are at most two or three books in each language.
Hah, reminds me of that time Twi t--
Twi t--
Twi t--|
Hah, reminds me of that time I tried to make a book war in school. Almost broke a leg in that one.
The book on the table has no words in the cover, just a treble clef. It seems to be written in... Huh, hadn't seen Sim Pah sinc--
Huh, hadn't seen Sim Pah in months. The title seems to be "Arias", but I am not very fluent in Sim Pah and there is another word I don't understand.

2016-04-23 05:15:49 No. 27170602
For whatever reason, I picture the book as some kind of egg for a moment.
Why in Tartarus would I crack open a book? To make a book cake?
My stomach grumbles. Well, I guess that's why food came to my mind. I should eat something before going... back... into the tower...?
How is one even supposed to describe that? Am I even outside?

2016-04-23 05:55:15 No. 27170896
Now yes, I'll pause for the day in a command or two. Been... fuck, ten hours at this.
Also I had honestly expected someone to ask questions to Quibra.

I long for some green food (Maybe there are even flowers out there! Dadoffils!) but I act like a civilized mare and open a window instead of doing what I want and throwing a book against the glass.
The instant I step outside, something's... not missing, it never was. The tres look less green the closer I get to them, there is no sun-- it's almost as if someone took a piece of the world and put it here.
And what's worse, it feels as if the earth was ill. As if it was stolen of something recently, only hours ago.
But the grass is good enough, so I munch on it. I start feeling better almost immediately.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 06:43:16 No. 27171280
I pause awkwardly for a moment, then tap the floor in the first pattern I learned, out of boredom, besides a campfire.
"You understand me?"
She seems surprised for a second, but answers scraping the wood.
Long, short, two long, pause,short, pause, three short.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 07:06:07 No. 27171484
Alright, one more command and it's paused for the day. for realsies this time.

"Who are you?"
This takes too long, and she visibly grows impatient. Before I can ask anything else she disapears into the library, and a second later she gestures at me join her with a pen in her hoof.
I doubt, but she seems smaller than me. I am sure I can manage her if she tries anything.
There is a small jerking sensation when I enter, and I notice that inside there is one more window than outside.
The mare wrote in an empty page of the book in the table.
"I not good in Ekish. Think am Mirria. You who?" A second after I read it, she adds something hesitantly: "I see your cape more" She pauses. "See your cape more nextly?"

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-23 07:24:45 No. 27171642
"I am Applejack. How long have you been here?"
The questions seems to confuse her, "I remember small.Only hours very few. Was" She pauses "Was combating with" pause "Was combating with thing. No remember what."

I nod, "Do you know anything about this place?"

She looks at me in confusion.

"You," I point at her. "Know, have learned..." I keep using synonyms until she nods in understanding "About tower?"

She nods, "Bad hands, big. Hand attacked me, attacked hand. Think me killed it. Not know." She is hetistant about the answer, then adds "Miss me brother. Thing happened to him not very much before me was here. He had cape. Know few more things, but..." Once I read, she touches "See cape more nextly?" again with her pen. She writes "nextly / nearly / nearby / not from afar" close to it.


Alright paused for the day, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Tomorrow you know few more things.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 06:20:58 No. 27175656
>Water and food (3 rations of each)
>crystal ball (???, unused)
>bluish metal knife (Unused)
>Notes written in Morse(Unread)
>Hat (Worn)
>Cape (Worn)

"Ah, yeah, sure." I take off the saddlebags and turn. I think in mentioning the knife to her, but I am not sure if giving her a weapon is a good idea.
She walks and examines the cape carefully.

Queued commands:
>Check windows
>Ask what happened earlier today

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 06:23:33 No. 27175665
>Water and food (3 rations of each)
>crystal ball (???, unused)
>bluish metal knife (Unused)
>Notes written in Morse(Unread)
>Hat (Worn)
>Cape (Worn)

Queued commands:
>Check windows
>Ask what happened earlier today
Which one should we do first?

"Yeah, sure." I take off the saddlebags and turn. I think in mentioning the knife to her, but I am not sure if giving her a weapon is a good idea.
She walks and examines the cape carefully.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 06:45:00 No. 27175743
"So, what does your brother look like?"
She grabs the pen again and starts making a drawing.
"I guess the cape was important?"
She nods, then makes a simpler drawing besides the one that's in progress. A cape and a crown, and a sketch of her shielding them against a beast.
"Oh," I don't know what else to say, so I walk to the windows and test them.
The left one is fine. The middle one opens upward, so it follows a pattern. As soon as I touch the right one, the stops me.
She mimics the gesture of peeking in and then an exhagerated screaming, only a raspy sound escaping her throat.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 07:12:34 No. 27175866
I'll ask her to join us in a moment, I am just waiting for a fitting moment.
"That bad?"
She nods.
"If you say so."
She returns to her drawing.
"And how did you end mu--" I start, but cringe immediately at my own words.
She pauses her drawing and is still for a second, but writes something, then curses mutely when she realizes she wrote it in the wrong language.
I recognize the glyphs, Tharatean. Not very far from--
Not very far.
I stop her from scratching them, "An assassin attacked my brother. I was still a trainee back then and his bodyguard, my trainer, wasn't there."
I nod, and she seems to feel relief when she realizes I understood.
We pause awkwardly, and after a moment she returns to her drawing. She still seems to be frustrated.
"Do you want the cape?" I ask.
She stops suddenly, the point of the pen breaking against the paper.
With a weak nod, she bites the pen to resharpen it and writes:
"It's not the same, this one is shorter than his. But it's identical other than that."
I take out the cape and notice, surprised, than the end of it seems to be rimmed now, the part that I remember tearing off crearly. I give it to her.
I put on the saddle bags again, and she finishes the drawing. It's a dark gray pegasus (That could be the pen, though), wearing enamel armor. He seems to be awkward in it, but his eyes show an intelligence few can boast.
It's a great drawing actually. I feel sad for anyone who can't see it.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 08:11:56 No. 27176116
"When was the last time you saw him?"
She hesitates, "Something bad happened to him, and I was fighting... something. A princess from afar and a dragon were fighting a giant with many hands. That's the last I remember before being here."
"Oh..." I cringe, what's with this place and siblings? "We can search him together, if you want."
She hesitates, but nods.
"Alright, I need to get something and we can look for him. I think I've seen most of this floor, so we should go up. Oh, and by the way, do you--" I start taking out the crystal ball, but something hurts my hoof.
The blue blade is shaking. It feels much sharp than it did before.

[Checking the crystal ball queued.]

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 08:34:12 No. 27176222
Sorry, already had the panel drawn
I take the blade out, but it escapes my hooves. She looks at it with a shocked expression.
It jumps like a fish out of the water, nearly hitting us several times before impaling itself in the book case under the right window.
The latch opens with an underwhelming click.
Ozone enters, burning our eyes. I catch sight of a reddened sky.

;48 .(6)‡*8( ]5) );‡08* ;48 ]85.‡* †6)3?6)8†
(8;?(* ]45; 35¶8 ?) .?(.‡)8 )‡ ;45; ]8 95: 4850

We grab our heads, a feeling like molten iron penetrating our ears.

;48 .(6)‡*8( ]5) );‡08* ;48 ]85.‡* †6)3?6)8†
(8;?(* ]45; 35¶8 ?) .?(.‡)8 )‡ ;45; ]8 95: 4850

The window closes.
The blade falls still.
We breathe deeply. Mirria can't take her eyes from the blade

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 10:39:40 No. 27176976
Already on to the upper room, accepting commands until it's posted.
Check'd. But you'll have to be more indirect, remember the way we remembered Pinkie.

" you also feel the sudden, inexplicable need to insult an Operator?" I ask Mirria.
She no

ds. I shudder.
"...and as if the universe itself had crashed for a second and started working again just as quickly?"
She nods behemently.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 12:42:39 No. 27178003
First notes found, 1/2:
Can you understand what I say?

How about now?


Now, try to say "Cat"

Perfect, perfect. And what sound does a cat make?

Wonderful! I knew you'd work, not like that Tantabus fiasco...

I didn't mean to imply anything. No, no one said anything bad to daddy.

If you do that to anyone I'll have to kill you. I am sorry, but it's the truth.

Now, now, you know I wouldn't ever want to do that to you, but you must understand, with the things you could do if you ever awo


No, I am not a dream. I already told you, most people are awake during the day. Some day I'll let you wake up, when you are ready.

But as I was saying, you'd be dangerous if you woke up. That's why you must learn self-control before I can allow you to.

Now, can you say dog?

No, you don't need so many hands for that. Just two suffice.

Why do you like growing so many hands, anyway?

They want to grow?


Huh, I'll have to look into that.

Well, can you say dog?


I know you don't need that to talk with me, but don't you want to talk with other people some day?

Yes, I know Morse is slow, but everyone knows it.

No, you can't just tell people to use something faster. It'd be impolite.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 12:56:05 No. 27178150
First notes found, 2/2:
I already told yo

No no no


Shut up
(There is a shape that isn't part of standard Morse besides this one. It looks like a [!])

You will shut up this instant

Fine. Finally. Now, what had you so upset
(Another shape, this one a [?])

You had a dream

What was it about

Rabbits around you... I can't say I know what those mean. Just rabbits, nothing else

Rabbits running circl

Wait, when did I ever show you rabbits

No, I am not angry, but you can't go out yet.
(There is a note scribbled in this one, in... I don't know the language. Weird, the more is in Tharatean.)

Read rest of the notes? They seem like some kind of register at a glance, rather than a journal.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 01:53:59 No. 27178633
Sorry, real life happened
I show the note I don't understand to Mirria, and she writes "Must've forgotten to lock something. Check later" under it.
I start reading the logs:

D13: minus three stars.

D14: Minus one star.
(There is a note written in ink besides this, "Why does it hate the stars so much? I only wanted to have something to look at")

D15: Minus twelve stars.

(It goes like that for a while)

D74: The moon appeared for a eight minutes. It was promptly deleted after that.
(Another note, "Was princessa Luna trying to communicate? All the way from Equestria?")


D108: Last star gone



("Boy sent more hands. Disposed of them.")

("More hands. Will have to relocate.")

("The forest is broken. What broke it? The boy liked it.")

That's the last thing written.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 02:22:12 No. 27178948
I take out the rope, but Mirria grabs me by the chest and takes me up.
Now that I think it, maybe I should've filled the brazier with coal.
I ask her what she is, and she writes "Seems like an armor stand" in the wall.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 03:06:48 No. 27179507
I tell Mirria to prepare for Dere and knock their door, and a moment later they are out.
Quibra notices the brazier and gives me an odd look.
"You still got that thing? Figured you'd have gotten something better by now."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 03:34:59 No. 27179843
"Like what?"
"Dunno." He shrugs. "There's a small store room just under were I found you, but I haven't gone there in some time."
I nod and show him the entries in braille.
"You got any idea of how to read it?"
"Big bro taught Dere, I never learned got the hang of it myself." He pases them to him.
Dere takes a moment to react, staring at Mirria. He seems to rattle, particles of dust falling from his junctures.
"Questrian, zeba li. Et zeba li." He says shakily.
Quibra gives him an odd look and shakes his head.
"There he goes again. He says your" He looks at Mirria. "voice is crying"
I translate for Mirria. She seems to be offended, but makes no comment.
"Et tu, diota nifico?" Quibra pushes the notes into Dere's gauntlet "I swear..."
After a moment, Dere starts reading.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 03:57:13 No. 27180099
I put an arm in Mirria's withers. It seems to calm her, if only a little.
He frequently jumps entries with no more than a comment on it being the same as the last, so we are done with them quickly.

D114: Hands learned Morse-machine code. Found several reading my journals after a small walk. Disposed of them.

(A while passes with entries empty after the number)

D120: Boy came to me personally. Said the forest was broken. Told him to bring the stars back if he wanted help. He had a tantrum and stormed away.

D121: Boy came again. Same thing happened.

D122: Again.

D130: Noticed what's the problem. The water generator of the forest is damaged, and the trees are growing sick from the excess water. Boy asked me for help again, but refused to bring back the stars. I don't even ask for freedom, I don't know why he hates them so much.

(A while passes with only more mentions to the boy trying to fix the forest)

D150: I am growing sick of this place, and I can't be safe if the boy knows where I am. Searching where to relocate.

D151: Managed to make a (Quibra takes a second to translate this word, but Dere seems to insist in a particular meaning) portcullis to the sea. There was a whale. Will relocate there as soon as I can.

D152: The boy came and broke the door to the sea in a tantrum after hearing the whale sing. Never had seen him so angry. He stormed off.

D153: Have the pieces to make another door to the sea. Will try to. Not much hope, the whale probably ran away after the door broke, the reaction on her end was probably violent. Maybe the top of the tower.

That's the last entry.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 04:15:22 No. 27180302
"This? Pha! Zebra sentimentality, they get propos..." He trails off. "Someone put ghost metal when they melted the glass, barely can feel it. Throw it away first chance you can, shit's cursed."
I tell him to wait me and, a moment later, return with the dagger.
"Tarus!" He curses as soon as he sees it "What kind of ritia coats a weapon with ghost metal of all things!? Pha! Accursed Questrian, kill with this and your flesh will rot in life! And good coating good silver, even worse!" He gives it back with an expression of utter disgust. "The silver is crying, mare. Melt the silver or free it, it wails for both."
"Already told you, mare, under the place were I found you. From there go right, down, and left. A straight line from here."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 04:55:59 No. 27180709
Three quarters of the time were spent in the boxes. Fucking small objects that have to be within relatively small areas and have varying shapes and sizes

I try to melt the blade in a blazer, but the handle seems to slip on my hooves every time I try. I give up when the edge of the blade bounces near my skin.
We descend a flight of stairs, going down a level.
This seems dangerously similar to a personal storage. The kind that is owned by someone who'll say "Yeah, it's on the floor near the broken table" with a straight face.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 05:36:32 No. 27181053
She flies to the highest box and tries to push it without success. She opens it and shows me a few identical, unused braziers, all like the one I already have. I shrug, and she flies down with only a brazier of her own.
I give a good look to the lights-- they seem to have heavily compressed coal, burning despite the fact that the glass seems airtight. Mirria tries to touch one, but winces and takes her hoof away before even touching it. I guess it's hot, then.
I look at the boxes, searching for some pattern, but the very few labels there are are just too vague; "Things for the forest", "Things for the bathroom", and "broken things" being the most clear ones. All the rest are written in a chicken scratch I can't even begin understanding. The fact that most labels are an epileptic mix of glyphs and languages only worsens things.
We start the slow, boring process of opening the boxes. Half an hour later, we have grown just too tired of the dust making us cough, and in mute agreement stop.

>Available inventory:
>>+100 chicken soup boxes
>>20~ flasks of glitter
>>+50 Kg of blank paper (Ruined by humidity)
>>10~ Kg of blank paper (Not ruined by humidity)
>>5~ litters of a variety of oils
>>A humorous cow figurine
>>10~ Kg of animal fat
>>A box filled with empty chicken soup boxes
>>30~ square meters of white cloth divided in pieces, all seemingly of the same batch. (Surprisingly good state)
>>An ax that doesn't seem to have been sharpened in a few decades, and is little but rust
>>10~ Kg of coal
>>A Morse reading machine in poor, but ultimately working, state.
>>+100 empty glass flasks, most large enough to hold about half a liter of water.
>>A broken telescope
>>A box of replacement telescope lenses.
>>A box of unused clay dinner plates.
>>A box of unopened peach cans.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 06:02:21 No. 27181336
A short dinner of peaches later, we set on to make torches. The flasks don't seem to be made of a glass able to stand temperature changes very well.
> 12 torches added to inventory.
Out of pride more than anything else, I replace the broken lenses in the telescope. It has a good layer of rust, as the paint peeled off, but that'd take a few days of work to fix.
Mirria seems to have liked the peaches.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-24 06:48:04 No. 27181833
"The sign had water?" I nod "Well, there's the waterfall." He pauses. "You should be careful with that, make some plan. We don't want to loss our water, don't we? We could help, if needs be."
Dara shouts something from inside.
"Oh, siria nu, tu tu! Diota!" He goes back in, already in an argument with his brother.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-25 09:01:24 No. 27186292

> Hat (Worn)
> 12 torches
> White paper
> Bluish metal blade (Described as "Cursed" by Quibra, does not want to be melted)
> Crystal ball (Described as "Cursed" by Quibra, doesn't seem to do anything)
> Rope
> Notes in Morse (Read)
> Notes in Braille (Read)
> Cape (Worn)
> Two pens
> Binoculars
> Torch
Queued commands:
Last posts:

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-25 09:29:47 No. 27186440
She nods with a smile, then takes a empty peach can. She writes again under the doodle:
"I'll hit it if I can hear you, go"
I nod and go to the waterfall, then shout as loudly as I can.
If there's an answer, I can't hear it.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-25 10:07:41 No. 27186624
Made a minor change to Mirria, her eyes were too hard to see before.
Quibra accepts.


The valve is hot, more hot than I was willing to admit to Applejack, but I hold it firm.
Almost immediately the dog shouts at me to turn it clockwise, and I do. Then, counter clockwise.
His voice grates into my ears-- dogs have a squeaky tone that no one else seems to notice. Or maybe that's jealousy talking, their mouths can produce more sounds than that of any other sapient.
A moment is spent fine-tuning the valve, and some piece is shaking behind a wall. I

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-25 10:16:50 No. 27186672
The wall explodes, and two pipes appear release steam into the room. The valve grows hotter.
The cape protects me far more than any piece of cloth should, but I still get out of the steam's way. The cape seems to like it, seemingly holding me tighter.
I can almost feel the smell of Hlaoo in it. I wonder where he is, but shove the idea aside almost immediately. I'll find him, the important part is to be clear and methodical about the search. And that includes taking every chance to open new pathways in this labyrinth.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-25 10:43:15 No. 27186822
The valve starts growing colder, and molten slag forms from the unshielded outside of the pipes. The dog shouts something about the stream of water growing stronger, but I can barely hear it.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-25 11:00:06 No. 27186934
It spins without resistance.
The dog shouts something about an inundation.
The roar of water reaches me, and cold water seeps down the stairs.
I don't think I can outrun an inundation. The cape holds me tighter. The dog brothers are shouting something.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-25 12:00:41 No. 27187370
There are two solutions to this puzzle, each of which requiring something I've mentioned by name
The ceiling is outputting too much water for the drain to take. Applejack's torch is snuffled out.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-25 12:58:38 No. 27187808
You actually have both solutions in that one. I did note the cape being able to withstand the temperature of the steam, and Dere could have forced the tubes to connect again, being made of armor.
But yeah, the point where players have to just use their inventories at random is when you need to change your method for puzzles.

I run back and first cover myself with the cape as if it was a shield, flying against the strenght of the steam, then turn it and use it to envelop the tubes. Some steam escapes, but the cape encloses itself around it tightly.
Clenching it in place with my arms, I turn the valve with my hindlegs. managing to reduce the stream of water and, after a while, seem to have brought it to a point Quibra I pleased with.
At the border of collapsing, I try to open a can of peaches, but it burns my hoof.


Quibra is nodding, pleased.
"The noise of that thing going on and off was making me go mad," He comments. "Now it's much softer. I bet one could even fly up there"

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-25 03:40:35 No. 27189147
I tell her she did good.
She throws the can of peaches against a wall, yellping when the hot metal burns her hoof, and falls asleep.
Alright. I could use sitting down for a few hours myself.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-25 03:50:09 No. 27189267
The water is seeping into the ground, and the room is warm, so everything'll be dry in a few minutes at most.
Quibra peeks in a few minutes later and sends Dere to fix the tube, but I ignore them.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-25 03:53:14 No. 27189297
The water is seeping into the ground, and the room is warm, so everything'll be dry in a few minutes at most.
Quibra peeks in a few minutes later and sends Dere to fix the tube, but I ignore them.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-04-25 04:18:47 No. 27189557
Next panel still in progress, take this as a small bonus.
I get Mirria's cape and put it over her back. Dere was playing uperhero with it, but she doesn't need to know.