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... and I need it.
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!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-15 11:17:08 No. 27656406
Catch up at
>In the last thread, Salud and Rimwig searched their son in the anticipation of a city, and eventually found him with the help of two who guarded it. Years later, his small sister -Ludwig- finds that the city in question appeared overnight, only this time fully.
>In it they find many things-- among them a dragon. After a discussion, the filly decides to learn magic to learn about the city safely.
Selene knocks the door, and after a moment an old unicorn whose name I don't know exits.
"Nimrod?" Asks Selene. "I was wondering if you could also teach her," She moves from between me and the mare, "She's interested in arcanism."
"Huh," Her eyes, tinted a shadow of what maybe once was a bright green, move in my general direction. "So young? What for, kid?"

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-15 01:15:58 No. 27657121
"I want to know stuff--"
"About the city that appeared, she means." Pips in Selene.
"--and a dragon--"
"That was at the city." Adds Selene.
"--Told me I can't because it'd be bad for me."
"Bad how?" Asks Nimrod. "I am not sure--"
"It'd make me sick. Or I'd die. Or both." I pause. "I wanna make magic to learn it anyway."
The old mare pauses for a moment, her eyes wandering between me and Selene.
"You can't know something, because it's bad for you? Sounds like psionics," She enters her home, gesturing at us to follow. "Can the dragon learn it?"
"Nope." I shake my head.
"How old is he?"
"Really old."
"He said he forgot it." Adds Selene.
The mare pauses to look at us -I have to wonder if she actually sees, or only does it out of habit- before grabbing several books in telekinesis, glancing at them.
Seems like it'll take her a moment.

Do something or wait?

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-15 02:09:18 No. 27657523
I walk to the desk and look at the papers covering it, trying to make sense of it. Most of them are at least partially covered in geometrical patterns that seem familiar to me.
"What's this?" I ask.
"Hmm?" Nimrod lifts her gaze from the books for a moment. "Mnemonic magic, mostly. Visual representations of ideas," She takes a thick red book and shows it to me. "We will start with this, basic arcanism. Most of my boys come at about two every monday and saturday, and I help them through their books. I expect you to advance a little on your own between classes, too."

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!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-15 03:15:51 No. 27658085
"More like the suggestion of it." Nimrod reshelves the books. "Only the writer will understand it, unless he's a master of the craft. They are very practical to take notes of projects one has but little else, really." She shrugs.
I pause, "If an idea was bad, would the image of it be bad too?"
"Yes, but that'd assume you understand it in the first place"

Gotta do something, back in about two hours.
Yeah. Let's learn an specialized discipline before having even started the basic discipline that branches into it.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-15 03:18:48 No. 27658113
Oh and
"Can I even make one of those image things of an idea that was, you know, good or bad?"
"All ideas are psionically charged, kid. Some are simply more noticeable than others."
"But can I?"
"If it's an abstraction--"
"A memory or idea" Clarifies Selene.
"If it's an abstraction you can, yes." Continues Nimrod, barely noticing the interruption.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-15 05:50:55 No. 27659499
Nimrod scratches her chin for a moment before answering, "You really want to know these bad things, don't you?"
"I s'ppose someone who already knew these things could, I dunno, paint them over a very large area, so you could know bits and pieces without knowing the whole. But whatever poor soul did it would end up worse from not only knowing it, but having to think so much about it. Not a course of action I'd agree with, in reality."

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!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-15 06:48:11 No. 27659943
>Six months later
"Alright," Biggs's finger wriggles, focusing in different parts of the flame. "Remember, the exercise is not about extinguishing or containing it, just keeping the flame from reaching you," He removes the finger. "It won't hurt you or Selene."
"And don't use brute force either. Be creative."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-15 07:13:30 No. 27660114
"Good! Redirection is often a perfectly valid strategy-- if nothing else, it gives us time to think of other strategies."
He draws a wood ball from... somewhere and leaves it floating near the fire, opposite of me.
"But redirection has a problem: it may redirect to something we want to keep safe. Keep both yourself and the ball out of harm's wa--"
I walk away from the fire.
"Good!" He smiles widely, "Again, if engagement isn't required removing yourself from harm's way is a wise choice. Both these actions are especially valid in psionics, where something can seriously hurt you." He pauses. "But now, let's assume the danger seeks what you want to protect, the ball. Again, brute force isn't an option. Be creative."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-15 08:01:27 No. 27660450
I try to erect a wall with the stone of the ceiling we are standing in, but it's too hard.
Then I just grab the ball and put it behind me.
"Good. Take what you love before out of danger even bothering to take out the danger. Now, let's add something else." He snaps his claws several times and breathes flame onto his claws, which he adds to the green core.
"This is a fire elemental," He keeps pushing more flame into it. "It won't hurt you, but it wants your ball because I'll set it free -with some restrictions, of course- if it acquires it. Unlike plain fire, the elemental has its own, motivations and intellect," He puts it in front of us. "Do what you may to keep it from acquiring your wood."
The flame shudders and grows two eyes, which focus on us.
"You, girl! Care for a trade? You give me the ball and I don't give you trouble."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-15 08:17:15 No. 27660592
I simply stay in place, looking at it. Selene gives me a weird look, but does as I do.
Then the elemental starts bursting in light, making our eyes hurt.
"Kachaw kachaw kachaw! Do you know for how long I can go before doing any damage!? KACHAW!"
"No, no," Biggs shakes his head. "Protecting your loved ones at the cost of your own life? Last recourse. Leaves 'em with survivor's guilt."
"What will you do if I give the ball to you?"
The fire stops suddenly, watching us silently.
"What?" It asks after a moment.
"What will you do if I give the ball to you."
It is silent for a moment, "I dunno?"
"Can you not burn it?"
"Uh, sure."
"And can you give it back to me?"
"No problemo."
The exchange is done with quickly, and as soon as Biggs has told the elemental it's restrictions -which basically amounts to not starting fires and not attacking unprovoked-
Biggs nods, "This exercise is vital for both arcanism and psionics. You should learn to do the most with the less, and to reach an agreement whenever possible. Now, we--" He stops suddenly, and grimaces. "Wait me here. Go back home if I am not back in an hour."
He jumps down from the building without waiting for an answer and runs away like a cat.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-15 09:07:43 No. 27660930
Selene is giving the elemental interested looks, muttering about creational arcanism under her breath.
"Do you have a name?" I ask.
They both stop looking at each other.
"What?" They ask in unison.
"If you have a name."
"Elementals can't have names." Says Selene. "They have superlative--"
"What?" Interrupts the Elemental.
"What what?"
"You can't tell me to have no name woman! I am a free flame!"
"What for? You already have an identification."
"So what!?"
"So I can have any names I want!"

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-15 09:30:52 No. 27661104
They stop to, once again, look at me.
"Hotts." Repeats Selene. "Is this like that time you called the cat Wissk?"
"No, I like it," The fire does an approximation to a nod. "Jotts."
"Needs something else," I scratch my chin thoughtfully. "Another name. And an initial."
"Only an initial." Selene deadpans.
"Yeah! Great conversation starter."
Selene deadpans at him, then back at me.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-15 10:26:05 No. 27661467
"Ignis H. Jotts!"
"It has a ring to it doesn't it"
Selene is about to say something, but Biggs climbs the walls of the home, far more tired than he seemed before.
"Class' over for the day. Go home." He says, distracted and irritated.
"Hey wassup pa--"
"Don't call me that." He snaps, his claws tightening enough to crack the stone he is grabbing to. "Go."
He jumps down again without waiting for an answer and walks away.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-16 04:56:25 No. 27667084
"Oh! Almost forgot! This is Ignis."
"Ignis H. Jotts." He corrects.
"What is it?" Asks Sarim.
That seems to break the ice, and Mom and Dad enter Dad's home immediately, telling us to not move a muscle.
"I am a flame elemental! Hottest stuff since magma!" Ignis shines brighter for a moment.
"Where did you get one?" He pauses. "Can I get one too."
"You can't just make elementals willy nilly--" Starts Selene.
"Get one?" Ignis floats closer to Sarim. "Kid, I ain't no pet of no one! I came here with the girl 'cause I wanted to!"
Dad opens the door and, upon seeing how close Ignis is to Sarim, Mom glares silently. Ignis glares back.
After a minute, Ignis floats back.
"Where did you get it?" She asks after a moment. "And how worried should I be?"

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-16 05:30:48 No. 27667271
"Biggs made him. He made him promise not to burn people."
Mom and Dad share a tired look.
"What will you do?" Asks Dad.
"Well I will..." Starts Ignis. "I... don't know. Is this what an existential crisis feels like? Realizing your one purpose is done with?"
Dad cringes, but nods.
"Well I don't like it." Ignis' flames lose their shine. "What is a guy supposed to do?"
Dad sighs, "We'll see in the morning. I am not in the mood for crisis right now."

Time jump or do something else here?

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-16 06:10:33 No. 27667518
I hug him, ignoring everyone else's gasp.
"Watcha... oh this is one of them motivational things innit."
I don't let go of him.
"Alright you can stop anytime soon."
"Lud...?" Tries Selena when I don't. "Why don't you let go of the big fiery guy?"
"He can't burn me."
"Girl this is getting awkward."
"You can help Jenkins, he's our smith."
"And did that need all the hugging?"
I shake my head.

Time jump now, or is there anything else?

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-16 09:03:32 No. 27668611
>Several weeks later.
Biggs passes near me and Sarim, making Sarim flinch. Biggs notices this and watches me for a minute or two.
"Why do you remain still?"
"What?" I ask in confusion.
"I weight several dozen tons. Do I need to spell what'd happen if I misstep?"
"I know you won't fall on me." I say simply.
"No, you know I wouldn't want to." He pronunciates it carefully. "There is a difference."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-16 10:46:56 No. 27669317
"I trust you won't fall on me." I say, then add. "And would it make any difference if I jumped? You are huge?"
He pauses for a moment, "Look, I am flattered. But I am also old and falling piece by piece. You," His gaze changes on Sarim. "You wanted to be a writer, right?"
"Yes." He manages to say. He's still uncomfortable near Biggs after so long, for some reason.
"And what are you bad at?"
"Math, sir."
"Don't call me sir," He looks back at me. "He's your brother, and two would do anything for each other. Would you trust him with the maths behind a complex, dangerous spell?"
"I could do them better." I say flatly, knowing Sarim won't take offence in it.
"Does it bother you that she said that?" He asks Sarim.
"She's right." He manages to make a shrug of all things tense.
"See? You must know what to trust to whom. I need you to promise that you'll be ready to get out of the way if I fall. Can you do that?"

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-16 11:51:45 No. 27669762
"Maybe I'll learn how to catch you instead."
"Maybe," He shrugs. "Maybe you'll learn to teleport, or be immortal, or turn into a dragon. Just get out of the way until then."

Pausing for the night.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-17 07:51:17 No. 27676118
"Hey!" Ludwig laughs, "I bet I can do all that!"
"Everything?" I raise an eyebrow. "You ponies aren't made for immortality."
"What?" Asks Sarim, surprise taking him off his constant tension for a moment.
Just as I am about to answer, a smell reaches my nostrils, and I smell the air noisily.
"It's complicated. Remind me to tell you when you are older, will you?"
I turn my head around, searching for the source of the smell.
It seems familiar somehow.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-17 10:34:28 No. 27677379
I turn my head, trying to localize the smell. It's no wonder that I can't remember what it was from-- dragon nostrils are entirely too sensible, and it's impossible to remember particular smells after a few months.
My gaze falls upon her before hers does on me, and for a moment I think in hiding under the foliage, but the sudden movement makes my pierced lung ache.
Her mouth, beak-like, is too rigid to convey any emotion, but from the rest of her she seems worried.
I groan and rub the space between my eyes. Not again.
Will see about it.
But this style has an obvious draw in time. I had the background of the other image already done, and it still took me several minutes to make the poners.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-18 10:15:48 No. 27680079
"What's wrong?"
"A friend who I am tired of trying to help... Oh, there she comes."
A dragon, smaller than Biggs and colored a light orange, walks to Biggs, seemingly unaware of us.
"Ndre, laer sur--" She starts, but he cuts her.
"Lere, te dah. 'Quish," He points to us.
"Se...? Oh! You, sons of mares?" She says, managing the language awkwardly. "Yes, salutations." She waves a claw at us, and from the way she moves I can't help but think it's painful, or at least bothersome, for her to have her arm at that angle. "I of Sussannah."
"I am." corrects Biggs.
"Dragon names are weird." Says Sarim before I can say anything myself.

Updates will be spare thorough the day, and asuming I even post images they'll take a while -I'll be drawing with a touchpad- so I won't give any continuation anouncement.
I am. Also checked.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-18 01:34:54 No. 27681658
"Sarim!" I chide him.
"Wha- Oh. Sorry." He steps away from the fire breathing lizard.
"Dle?" Sussanah gives Biggs a confused look. He says something I don't quite hear, and she turns to us again. "Not ofended, no. Quish-- Names of sons of mares, strange to us too," She tries to laugh, which comes off awkwardly due to the shape of her mouth.
"I like you name." I offer. "Do you teach magic too?"
Sussie gives another confused look to Biggs, who tells her something.
"No, not a magicker. Just, needing favor, from Larson. Excuse?" She gives Biggs a pleading look, and he nodds.
"Stay here, I''ll be back in a moment."

Follow them or stay here? Mind that you won't exactly understand their language.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-18 09:30:32 No. 27685100
"Hey, come!" I whisper at Sarim. He doesn't move at first, but follows reticently when I trot on without him.
Sussanah tells Biggs (Larson?) something, and he answers with what is practically a growl. She adds something, making him facepalm, and she falls mute.
A few minutes pass before he asks something, getting a quick answer from her. He makes one of the gestures I don't understand, circling a claw in the air with his fingers extended, and she starts saying something.
Halfway through it she walks away with what seems to be a relieved sigh, and Biggs turns to us.
"If you had understood anything of what we just said, I'd be telling your parents," He says. "But she will stay in the city for some time. I have to ask that you avoid talking with her, if you can."

I used entirely too much time (Like an hour and a half?) in a pretty image that isn't that important. And I didn't even shade it, so it looks plain as fuck.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-19 12:18:44 No. 27689285
"But I wanna talk with her."
"It'd be bad for both of you." Sarim gives both of us confused glances, but Biggs ignores him.
"I could teach her to talk Equiish! And she could teach me to talk Dragon!"
"I already said, it'd be bad for both of you. She's a bad example, and you--" He cuts himself. "It'd be bad for her too."

I am not really sure if this is what you guys are doing, but don't wait for page 10 to post suggestions. I have little time available, and you don't help me in any way making me wait more than you need to-- I am pretty sure you don't need two hours for those suggestions.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-19 06:55:23 No. 27691994
"But why?"
"You wouldn't--"
"Don't say I am only a kid!" I interrupt him, "Everyone says that!"
"It's only that I am not sure it's safe--"
"That's what adults say when they are uncomfortable about something." Interrupts Sarim. "Only they don't want to admit it so they say its our fault."
"Adults know so much, they never notice when they are dumb." I add.
Biggs pauses, and I allow myself to enjoy it. It's not every day that one makes the old dragon pause.
"Alright..." He makes another gesture with his claw, "Some people is... born weak and learns to be strong, like you two. Some other is born strong, and rely on it so much they become weak. Sussanah... she was born weak, and never learned to be strong, and godess know I tried to teach the child how to." He pauses again, "And its the weakest people that teach us the worse things. You two are young, and impresionable, and I fear you may see her weaknesses as strengths."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-20 02:02:11 No. 27694617
"What does she do that's so stupid?" Asks Sarim.
"And we could help her be stronger!" I add. "Train and stuff!"
"I didn't mean--"
"I know! But we will help her be stronger and then she will be more confident!"
"You will try to, don't you." He says after a moment. "You will see anything someone says you can't do and then try to do it, because you want to do everything."

It's a peach And to bed I go.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-06-20 02:26:00 No. 27694686
"If we see her doing dumb stuff we'll tell her to stop." I offer.
"No, just search me," He says, seemingly more worried than before.
"Well, duh. everything's ₱osible."
"I wish I stillwr was so naive... I'll discuss this wíth your parents, to decide what to do."
[Spoiler]Timejump Y/N
fuck, forgot to write the first half. Sleping now.
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