There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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My throat hurts. I lift a hoof to rub it, but pause when I notice that everyone is staring at me. Why are Mirria and Rarity in the verge of tears?
"Applejack?" Asks Ludwig, visibly exhausted. "Don't talk for now. We found out the source of your amnesia."
I only can stare at her.
"There's a parasite that doesn't let you remember. We could try to remove it, but it's dangerous." I keep staring silently, "Do you know what a full uncoupling is?" I shake my head, "It's what happened to... to the me that's in the knife. Your spark shatters, and without it your mind, soul, and body come apart."
I can't think of any way to answer to that.
"I will try to do it if, and only if, you really want me to. But even if it goes right it'll be painful."

I am doing this here since Miracle 404d and It's only a few updates I need to do before going in a days-long trip. I apologize for any bother this may produce.
Updates will be text only to save time.

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"Ho--" A dry heavy interrupts me, throat and stomach constricting painfully, but I push past the pain, "How likely is it?"
"Can you un--" I push past another heave, "Undo it?"
"I'd have a chance to, if I had the help of six or eight trained unicorns."
My throat and stomach hurt. I am exhausted physically and mentally, every muscle stiff and pained from stress and overuse and a headache always looming over me. I need to find something, I don't even know what, so much it hurts. I could as well be a few weeks old, for all I remember.
I am tired.
"Do it." A weight falls in my stomach as I say the words, fear and determination in equal measures.
Ludwig pauses for a fraction of a second, as if expecting something to happen, but moves to the ladders.
"Come. I'll prepare everything in Sarim's forest."
I give a look to Rarity and Mirria, the former tapping a hoof against the ground nervously and the later avoiding my gaze, and follow her carrying Winona with me.
Rarity and Mirria join me in the forest a few minutes later, and I can't help but notice how silent it is as Ludwig cuts several trees down and asks her brother for more materials-- not a single bird can be heard.
I try to start conversations several times, but the answers are always curt at best.
Hours pass before everything is ready, a complex construction of wood and blue metal with a pedestal in the centre.
Ludwig makes me wear a necklace made of glass beads, intricate etchings in its surface, and seemingly still waiting for something to happen makes me climb to the platform and everyone else back off away from us.
Her horn flaming with cyan light and making glass spheres rotate around me, she whispers what I can't help but think are prayers.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-09-09 06:15:36 No. 28377786
"Zvose mweya, earthbones, oneiros, naby en ver lande, Samooyinka iyo badaha..."
The glass spheres explode in rainbow shards, forming three belts that orbit me at different angles, quickly blurring into a single white stream from the speed.
"Ouvir meu apelo, responder a ela... Kare wannan rasa ruhu a dukan tafiyarka..."
The belts change their angles faster and faster, soon forming a large sphere around me.
"Svernut'sya v odinokiye nochi... Dóste tin kathodígisí sas, se xechasména monopátia..."
I try to hold still, to ignore the heat building up in my necklace.
"Omnes spiritus, ossamundi terram, mare, caelum regia somnia, exaudi orationem meam..."
My head hurts, as if it was going to explode.
"Yes!" The glass stops suddenly and is thrown away with telekinesis, "Just let me make sure."
"Make sure of--" I contain another heave, stronger than any of the others, "Of what?"
"Hah! We did it! We actually tricked it!"
"What are you talking about!?"
"All that show actually worked!" She grins. Why is the ground coming to me? "Try to re-- Applejack?"
I try to answer, but my mouth feels too hea

>If you really are my fr

"Sarim, get me some water!"

>Who are you?

at is wrong with her?"
"I don't k

>If you really are me friend

"Not so much, she

>I'll miss y

"Quick, help me hold her tog

>If you really are my friend, yo

"What!? Memory isn't supposed to be branche

>Who are you?

ow old is she?"

>If you really are my friend, you wi

"Then why does she

>If you really are my friend, you will let me

have nearly three hundred years worth of memories?"

>Who are you?
>I think I am

"Close her eyes! She's decoupling aga

>I think I used to be

"Which ones!?"
"All of them!"

>If you really are my friend, you will let me fix you.

"Sarim, make orichalcum!"
"I can't just--"
"DO IT!"

>I think I used to be Cat

"Turn her, she'll drown!"

>Who are you?
>I am not sure I want to be an

"Do you think she

>I know you miss h

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-09-09 06:36:07 No. 28377961
I open my mouth, but no sound comes out.
I decide to ignore that for the moment and grab them, giving them both worried glances.
Mirria punches me, crying.
I am tired enough that it takes me a moment to coordinate my legs to stand up.
"Dear?" Asks Rarity.
I try to talk again, unsuccessfully.
"Can you remember anything? Pinkie? Fluttershy? Me?"
I try to.
I know the names. Even seemingly mute, they have a familiar taste to them.
"You expect too much." I notice Ludwig, sitting near us with her head low from exhaustion and leaning in Sarim. "Something is wrong with your memories and they were too many. I put something that slowed down the flow." She gulps, "You will remember, but give it time. They'll probably fix each other as you remember them."
I point to my mouth, noticing the bandages in my throat as I do so.
"It's hurt. I had to cut it open." She stops, wheezing for air, "It'll work in a few days."
I don't answer. Anger, boiling hot, is building up in my belly.
"You have to stay here. We are all half dead, too tired to do anything. Sarim will let you go in two or three days."

Basically finished for now, but I'll keep running for a post or two if anyone has any more questions.
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