There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-12-05 11:07:29 No. 29006740
Side thread.

>>Interloper interference detected.
>>Jamming data feed...
>>>...Retroactive to one minute
>>>...Contacting arcology
>>>...Arcology response: all OK.

I shake my head to silence the voice, not having the time to pay it any attention.
>>Jammer active.
The giant tries to grab me, but I fly between its hands and hook a telekinetic grasp to his jaw, tearing it off with ease. The giant doesn't even seem to notice, grabing and throwing me against the tow
>>Grade four damage detected. Contacting healing systems...
>>>...Damage irreparable with accelerated cellular replication or any other measures, contacting cord shifters...
>>Central nervous system damaged, chameleon spells unsustainable
>>Central nervous system damaged, data feed jammer unsustainable
>>Central nervous system damaged, cellular filter unsustainable.
>>>>...Partial reversal set to: forty seconds...
>>>Administering anaesthetics...
>>Resuming automated spells...
>>Systems and organism normalized

against the wall-- wake up to the bliss of numbed nerves What is that smell, my horn flaring on reflex and it's familiar pushing the giant is that them? 's hand away from I thought my countermeasures would keep them at bay me.
What are you doing here.
Why must you pester me so.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-12-05 11:35:28 No. 29006908
>I'm just as surprised as you are
I push against the giant with all of my might, overpowering him and crushing him against the ground. Even as we do this the jaw, thrown aside carelessly, beggins dissolving into water and returning to the giant.
>That aside, you look like you need some help
>. I don't suppose we can do anything from out here to help you against the giant, can we?
>. Is there any way we can asist?
"You are about as helpful to me as piss is to the sea, screen."
I grab what remains of the giant's jaw and maul him with it, tearing its flesh.
"The giant us but a bother to me at this point."
>You almost make yourself sound like a robot, artificial, if you will.
I pause, "...if you will? Is this an innuendo of some sort?"
The giant's hands grab me again A robot? Hah crushing my chest and legs several times before I cut them to shreds.
"Spells are an useful tool to have. Automating them is a natural step in any arcanist's progression." It's not my fault that most people are too afraid of embedding them into their own bodies, the cowards.
I avoid another volley of hands and let myself fall down to the giant, protecting myself with a shield and barraging it with spells of my own.
"Why do you insist on pestering us so much? What is that you seek?"

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-12-06 12:18:16 No. 29007151
>So how's your day so far
>Magically implanted, automated arcana must take a real toll on the mind, eh?
"Why would they? a spell is its own system, what you'd call a computer of its own. They only draw minimal amounts of magic from my body." Can you truly read this? QW5kIHRoaXM/
>We seek answers. You won't provide any, that I can be sure of, but we'll ask all the same.
"I don't have any compelling reason to answer any of your questions, so no." U28gbG9uZyBhcyB0aGV5IHJlbWFpbiBpZ25vcmFudCB0aGV5IHNob3VsZG4ndCBiZSB0b28gbXVj

>We seek to help Applejack get to the top of the tower
"What for." I shield myself from several of the giant's hands. "I've put so many things in place to keep her from there, why would you help her climb such a damaged place?"
> There is a Miracle there
A Mira--
"What do you know about it exactly?
I trap the giant in several bubble shields.
"I am waiting."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-12-06 12:59:52 No. 29007345
>Hey now, that's not nice. We like knowing what you think. Here, I'll let you inside my head!
"I do not desire to enter your head. Why would anyone want to?"
>We want to help her because she deserves happiness. That miracle will help her find that happiness. We don't know why you've taken such measures to ensure she never gets their, but we'll do everything we can to help her past those measures.
"Do you truly think I do not desire happiness for her? That I have done anything in the past decades but ensure her happiness? Her... her 'miracle' only brings pain." <,WmmATB=EFDi:=ALnsGD]iV7ATE'7DIjr)DK]r7G%G2:/hR
> AJ is a good pony. We trust her judgement.
"I too trust her judgement. I only wish to see it unclouded."
"If only the world was so simple."
The giant tries to escape the shielding, but I only contain it Eb/llEb&utF)rIBAfu2/AKZ&5Bkq:$+E(j7E+*Hu+DG^9D0[7;ART*.
"You still haven't answered my question. What do you know about our miracle?"

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-12-06 02:35:41 No. 29007653
>State your case and convince us.
"You seem to assume you are relevant enough for me to do that." 6$"/_AfuA;[email protected]:sUlALns4DL$G7Gl
>and Applejack thinks she needs it
You are right. She thinks that.
>Please twiggles, what would your mother, twilight velvet say? Or your brother?
;eU;q+E_W "Why do you think the dead mater on this?" 8K`+qGp%!CF "Do you feel pleasure dragging the dead into things? Huh!?" 8K`(aEb/Zr "Like you falsified Rarity's voice? I do not think you are simple. I think you are complex enough for malice and actual stupidity, and that is your folly."
"Do you want answers? there was once a magical princess, in a magical land. Together with the things she deserved the least, the things that made her strive to deserve them, BOu3,D/"[email protected],^t, she vanquished evil from her land again and again.
"But the magical princess was not clever, was not magical even, and never truly loved--" <+ohcB5(dlF<G%[email protected]+EV:;Dfo]++EV:.+DbJ-F<[email protected]:tBk;=+ "I tried to keep everyone safe. I tried to keep them happy. But 8K`4cF!+m6AoDU( 8K`4cF!,RCD][email protected];> ..... -.... / --... ..... / ----. ..... / .---- ----- ....- / ----. ..--- / --... ----- / -.... ----- / --... .---- / ..... ..... / ..... ----- / -.... ---.. / ...-- ----. / ..... .---- / -.... ..... / ...-- ----. / -.... ..... / --... ..... / ---.. ----. / -.... ---.. / .---- .---- -.... / -.... ---.. / .---- ----- ..--- / ....- ---.. / ....- ...--

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2016-12-06 02:37:05 No. 29007660
>>Grade seven damage incurred to the organism, contacting cord shifters...
>>> damaged, reversal unviable. Contacting arcology...
>>>>...communication relay damaged, initiating wormhole communication...
>>>>...Initiating emergency teleport protocol...
>>>>...backtracking damage, please stand--
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