There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-01-27 02:38:43 No. 29353031
> Catch up on

>AJ: Crystal ball, Hat, Humorous cow statuette, Cross necklace, Strange cross amulet, Locked box, Whiskey, Keys, Flask of nitroglycerine pills (For AJ's heart)
>Mirria: Cape (Worn), 1 pen, Binoculars, Ankh necklace (Worn), Notebook, Flask of Nitroglycerine keys. Flashlight (Needs batteries)
>Rarity: Mask (Worn), key.

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Mirria shouts before I can answer, "And I am telling you, if he had come here I'd be aware of it!"
"My registers confirm clearly that he used these baths frequently." Answers the hologram calmly, "King Halaoo often enjoyed them with Rubicon up to a few years ago, when the structure was still part of the Dreamers' small church."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-01-27 03:34:19 No. 29353317
"Mirria, would you give me a moment?" I lift my hoof distractedly, "Truth, how exactly do I go about using the Elements?"
"You often compared it to flexing a muscle that wasn't there." He pauses, "Not quite unlike deciding to calm down or to bear pain, a mental switch you flipped on reflex."
"But no other element bearer is here. I am alone."
"Even a single bearer would increase the Harmony Event's potency massively, yes... but we'll have to make do with what we have."
I think about it for a moment, and when I talk I can't keep some irritation from seeping into my voice, "So you are telling me I have to either hope for the best or do the impossible, which I can't, and get one of the others here."
"Just like old times." He sounds just as bothered.
I groan. It's only then than I become aware of the look Mirria is giving me.
"Nothing." I answer the question before she makes it, "What were you shouting about?"
"This thing is saying my brother came to these baths." She points angrily at the hologram.
"And are you sure he didn't?"
"I am! He-- I'd know if he came here all that often!"
"King Hlaoo came here when the baths were still part of the small church." Corrects the hologram, "Until recently, the tower was ontologically merged with it."
"And when did he last come?"
"Accessing logs... last time King Hlaoo used the baths: Three years, two moons, nine days ago. Last time King Hlaoo entered the instalations:" She falls silent.
"Last time he entered?" I ask after a moment.
"Data purged." She says simply.
"Applejack," Truth peeps in, "It's not safe for anyone to stay near the energy stream. They are damaging."

Queued the cow

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-01-27 05:29:44 No. 29353938
"Give me a moment, could Rarity be a bearer again? Can... can ghosts be bearers?"
The question seems to surprise him, "Any sapient in contact with the earthbones is electable to be a bearer, yes." He says immediately, "Of course, we'd need Cas- Generosity to be here to make her one again."
"What about others?"
"Any sapient, Applejack. You'd have to search hard and long to find someone who the earthbones can't touch."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-01-27 06:11:58 No. 29354200
"And Mirria?"
"And me what?" She asks, giving me a confused look, "Who are you talking with?"
"The element of honesty. But is she?" I ask him again.
"She'd have to understand the implications of bearing an element... which one did you have in mind?"
"Loyalty, but what implications?"
"That the elements are, ultimately, guardians of Equestria, like the dreamers were of Surane. She'd have to give up any idea of helping restore her culture directly, and if you consider her worthy of Loyalty... This is a conundrum I am sure said spirit would be interested in."
I feel cold on my side, and turn to see Rarity leaning on me with her head low.
"What's wrong?"
"Hm? Nothing, just..." She takes a deep breath, "Feeling dizzy, nothing else."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-01-27 09:54:14 No. 29355407
"Are you sure?"
She nods, "I just need some water." She rubs her temples and stands on her own.
"There is a kitchen after the double doors in the dinning hall." Says the hologram with a smile.
Rarity nods and heads there. I turn to her and, once I am sure nothing is wrong, turn back to Mirria, "I was talking with Truth about how we could use another element bearer here." I give her a moment to connect the dots.
"Loyalty." She says after a moment. "That's what you were talking about? About making me loyalty?"
I nod, "There's a catch to it, though. The element bearers are Equestria's, not Surane's."
Understanding dawns on her eyes, "But I have to fix it!" She shouts, then grabs a hold of herself, "I need to find my brother first, but after that I have to... to find if people managed to evacuate Surane! If there's something I can do! Can't I be a bearer only for a while?"
"Not Loyalty. The thing with the elements is that they have personalities of their own, that's why we need bearers, to give them sense... If Loyalty grabs a hold of you as a bearer, there's a very real possibility that she won't ever let go. But," I add before she says anything, "But if we have even one more bearer, we may be able to do something about the giant! And Twilight! How much easier would it be to find your brother then?"
She starts talking several times and then lifts a hoof, "I need to think about thi--"
"Notice: Medical ward pinged." Says the hologram in the same happy-go-lucky tone as always. "Please stand by."
Mirria's eyes open wide. I turn and see Rarity collapsed on the floor, pouring sweat and sides expanding and contracting like bellows.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-01-28 01:08:52 No. 29356547
I lift run to Rarity and lift her on my back, heading first outside and then stopping when I remember that we go to different exteriors.
"You two ahead." I say louder than necesary, not in the mood for questions. Mirria trots to the door and enters cautiously, chased by Winona.
"It's safe." She says after a moment. "But..."
I don't wait for her to find words, barging in. I have to swallow vomit when a very soft, yet massively nauseating smell reaches my nostrils,

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-01-28 01:07:09 No. 29359510
I notice some Surane glyphs -what was their name?- amidst a pletora of other languages-- it seems like whoever wrote this didn't care much for consistency.
Mirria picks up on it and reads the first word she can understand, passing her hoof near it in confusion.
"What is it?" I ask when she doesn't say anything.
She seems agitated, "This, this reads as nushido, but it's lushido. Our language its called Lu-shi-do." She separates the syllables carefully.
"'Lu' means gift, right?"
"It's complicated, it means gifting... an idea, illumination, or pursuing something."
"And Nu?"
"It's..." She whispers in her own tongue for a moment, thinking, "Nu is mocking, parodying. Lushido means 'gift of speech from the gods', this..." She leaves it in the air.
I give her a moment before talking. "Look, we can keep doing this once Rare is safe, is that fine?" She nods, tearing her eyes away from it, "Does the smell come from the paintings? Or from those doors?" They are oddly familiar to me, but I brush the feeling aside.
She opens the doors slightly into what seems to be a kitchen, sticks her muzzle in, and takes it off immediately, "Definitely the doors."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-01-28 02:04:18 No. 29359775
"We can ignore rotten meat." I set her on a table and slap her softly, "Rare? Can you hear me?"
She grumbles something.
"Mirria, go for water. Rarity, can you tell me what's wrong?"
"Lift her eyelid." Says Truth. I do so, and see that her pupil is darting around constantly, expanding and contracting. "Hm, her condition must make her more vulnerable to energy that comes from Oneiros."
"How do you mean?" Mirria enters again with a glass of water, nausea clear in her face.
"That she got sick with other people's dreams. It's just a matter of time until she wakes--"
I splash the water on her face.
"Or you could do that."
She awakes with a start, breathing raggedly and with her eyes open wide, and grabs me immediately in a hug.
"You fine?" I ask her after a moment of silence, covering her with an arm.
"I am not." She says, then gulps, her eyes unfocused.
"What was it?"
"I dreamt of when I died." She trembles. "Again. And again. And again."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-01-28 03:20:03 No. 29360224
>>29359837 >>29359808
I hold her until her breathing relaxes, "You okay now?"
"It's... It's fine, you needn't worry." She releases me, still trying to look everywhere at once. "I just need a moment."
I nod, "Truth said that thing on the ceiling affected you more than us because of your 'condition'"
"And Lud that I have a body because this tower is so close to the dreamland."
"Oneiros." Corrects Truth, annoyed, despite me being the only one who can hear him.
"I suppose it makes sense." She continues, then passes a hoof through her mask to clean some of the moisture.
"Do you want to go back with Lud? To see if she can help you?"
"I'd rather stay still for a moment. You... you do your thing. So long as it's not far from me." She gives a look to Mirria, who is reading the writing on the wall again.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-01-28 04:59:55 No. 29360838
"But tell me if there's any issue, will ya?" I lock gazes to drive the message home and walk to Mirria, "What have you got?"
"I can't understand all of it." She points at some parts, "Almost everything seems to have some intentional errors, but the only ones I understand are in Lushido."
She grabs her notebook and starts writing in it, pointing at some parts while she does.
"It's odd, but the text also seems to divide in two or three lines at a time in some parts, too." She tells me, passing me the notebook once she's done what she can.
Languages shift constantly and at times, when languages use logographs rather than characters, there are words or expressions that are completely made up, and in a few cases there's words stacked in the same line or simply written over one another.
It takes a while, and the last part (Which ends with a 'Why' in Equestrian) is made in a set of languages I don't understand at all, but I make a translation of the text.

I am asuming you meant Mirria

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-01-28 06:34:57 No. 29361435
"I never get used to these." I turn to Rarity, "You good to move now?"
"I think so, yes." She tests her legs and stands. "Wouldn't it be awful if I had to wear a tinfoil hat?" She chuckles weakly.
"AJ, before I forget," Mirria touches my shoulder, "The smell's coming from one of the kitchen sinks. It's filled with the same thing we found in Rubicon's room."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-01-28 09:36:22 No. 29362637
"Winona? You found something?" I walk to the wall to give it a closer look. She scratches it, and I tap it.
"What is it?" Asks Rarity.
I tap it a few more times to be sure, "Sounds like there's a door under this wall." I tap the rest of the wall several times, "Yeah, there's common cement in this part."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-01-28 10:24:40 No. 29362911
"A hidden door?" Mirria walks to me.
"Par for the course." Mutters Rarity, prodding the wall with telekinesis, "There doesn't seem to be any switch, or mechanism at all for that mater."
"You sound experienced." Says Mirria, helping me tear the wall paper off.
"It was a game I had with Pinkie." She says happily. "She got into mechanics a few years back."
We look at it. It's quite literally a layer of cement and rebar blocking the doorway, smoothed to not be noticeable through the wallpaper.
"How come you bunch disappeared out of nowhere?" Asks Mirria after a moment.
"Oh? You mean after Fluttershy got hurt?" Rarity clicks her tongue, "What did Discord call it?" I try to remember it and shake my head, "We... 'pulled a bureaucrat' to protect our intimacy from the media."
"How?" Mirria gives her an incredulous look.
"Covering anything regarding us without our express signed approval meant two months of jail without right to a trial." She pauses, "We made ourselves state secrets, if you will."
I nod and turn to give a good buck to the wall, Mirria doing the same. Our legs bounce off it painfully.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-01-30 02:02:36 No. 29371649
I give a better look to the stream-- It produces a whistle that becomes more painful to my ears the closer I am, and waves of searing heat come from it every two or three seconds, which seems to have eroded the floor away. I try to ignore the high pitched whistle to walk across it, but the heat becomes unbearable before I get to touch it.
I return to the stairway, "Rarity, can you wait us for a moment? There's a thing like the one in the baths, but larger."
"Isn't there anything far enough from it?"
I hesitate and give a cursory look to the room without wallpaper, "Some kinda laboratory."
"You check the rest while I have a look at it, then." She walks in there without waiting for an answer.
"Alright." I say to keep a smidgen of pride.
The room closest to the stairway is locked, but I buck it open easily and peek inside.

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-01-30 09:23:06 No. 29376978
I hit the light switch and enter, each step careful until I am sure the floor is stable.
"Could you fly in here?" I turn to Mirria, "I don't trust this wood."
"If you say so..." She unfurls her wings and enters with a glide,"What's that?"
I walk to the bright cylinder to give it a closer look-- it has a series of leds that seem to be almost all lit, as well as what looks like an electric plug on top.
"Some kinda battery?" I wonder aloud as she checks on top of the dresser.
"Maybe." She opens the dresser, "Darn, guy was big on long coats."
"Hm?" I check under the bed and see only dust.
"Most of these are coats." She takes one from the dresser, "Looks griffon sized."

!!6rS9Q/1DV6r 2017-01-30 11:31:15 No. 29377635
"Enough for Mariela?"
She turns it around to see it from more angles, "You think it's hers?"
"Maybe. Or she'd like it."
"If we are about giving gifts, something to embalm her would be better." She gives me the longcoat to put it in my bag, "Can't be nice to rot away."
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