There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-07 05:05:51 No. 30258070
IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is a small miniquest to Miracle that requires no prior knowledge to be played.
> Catch up (Alth on

We stare at the grave.
Time passes.
"Anyone you knew?" I ask the unicorn.
"I think."
I don't answer to that.
"You?" She asks after a moment.
"Reckon so."
The sun touches the horizon, descending oh so slowly.
"Getting cold out here."
The unicorn nods, then pinches herself.
"Huh." It's all she says.
I turn to the tower.
There's something in it.
Something mine.
The unicorn is staring at it too, unblinking.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-07 05:49:54 No. 30258347
I head for the gravestone, careful not to step on the flower, and take a moment to read it despite the bad lighting:

> Here rests a little brother, a hero of the Crystal Empire, and a knight of shinning flame.
> Fare thee well in whatever might lay beyond, you my first miracle, and may it deserve your sweetness.

Under it, seemingly scrawled by claws, someone wrote:

>When the third is torn, howls likes gales,
>The first cried -mouth torn open- bitter finales
>Another was quiet, tears inside,
>All others far away, too much to cry.

I shake my head with sigh and reach for a hat I don't have, wanting to lower it for a moment.
"Hey," The unicorn calls me, "Can you read this?"
"That sign?" You walk to it, "What about it?"
"I can't recognize the language." She moves aside to let me see the golden plaque nailed to the wood of the sliding door.
It takes me a moment, but I read the antiquated language after a few tries.

> In this place and a dozen hundred decades ago was the first order of the Dreamers first called such, by the then present master Biggs, in commemoration of grand arcanist's Ludwig's passing.

I try to slide the door open unthinkingly, but there's bronze blocks at both sides preventing it from being open.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-07 06:58:00 No. 30258736
"Hello?" I call, knocking the door. There's no answer.
"Looks deserted." Says the unicorn after a minute or two.
I walk down the steps to get a good footing and buck the door open. It bounces in it's frame but doesn't break, the rebound almost throwing me off balance.
All the while the unicorn is examining the bronze blocks, making faces, "Huh."
"They are... Bolted and melted? To the brickwork." She points at a few scorch marks on the wood, "Rushed job."

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-07 08:45:42 No. 30259395
"And any idea of how to get us in?"
"Give me some space." She moves a few steps away from the door and alights her horn after I've done the same, wrapping the bronze slabs in telekinesis.
The first thing that happens when she tries to pull is she herself getting dragged towards them, even when four more glows erupt around her hooves.
I grab her in a hug and, after she nods, start pushing in the opposite direction, my hindhooves pushing against the first step of the stairs.
"Almost--" She says between gritted teeth, making me turn my head to the wall. One of the slabs is coming off, if only a little, tearing off a brick with it...
...And the brick pulls in again suddenly, a low whine chiming from it for an instant. the suddenness of it pulling us to the door like a slingshot.
"Stars above," The unicorn rubs her head, "If the walls are too hard..." Her horn alights again.
"What are you doing?" I ask.
"I burn the door." She helps me stand, sparks spawning around the door and focusing on it's center.
It's more like an explosion than an actual fire, heat erupting suddenly from the wood when it starts burning.
"A pity." You can't help saying. "It's good wood and carpentry."
"That it is." She encases the fire in a bubble, starving it of air now that the hole's large for us to pass. "Careful with the edges--"
The whine chmes again, this time unbearable loud as every brick around the door vibrates in place, small fragments flying to the hole in the door. Before either of us knows what to do, the wall opens and sucks the air and us with it, forcing us in like a maw.
Bricks start sealing the door immediately, and by the time we gain our bearings there isn't a doorway there anymore.
The sound of flowing water reaches you from the west.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-08 01:50:02 No. 30263886
I walk to the pedestal and spent a moment looking at the bronze stubs. They look like hooves, the only remain of a broken statue.
"Can you do light?" I ask the unicorn, not quite willing to grab one of the torches.
"I--" Her horn alights, "What?"
"What about what?"
"Nothing, just--" The light grows brighter for a moment and dies off completely, then she grabs one of the torches with telekinesis. "This place's eating any mage light I make."
"Eating it."
"I think it's the brickwork." She gives the ceiling a look, as if expecting it to pounce on her. "Let's just use this for now."
"If you say so..." You follow her to the small compartment near the statue and peek into it. Nothing but a door with some blood on it.
The next room is entered just as carefuly, only this time there's something in it.
The creature steps away from us, flaring it's wings.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-08 03:36:11 No. 30264693
>>30263919 >>30264477
"Hi?" I try, walking a tentative step closer to the creature.
It steps back, it's wings trembling.
"What is it?" Whispers the unicorn.
"Hurt." I say drily, "Hi? I don't want to hurt you."
It moves away from you, wings shaking, pressing it's hindquarters against the corner

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-08 03:41:34 No. 30264726
>>30263919 >>30264477
"Hi?" I try, walking a tentative step closer to the creature.
It steps back, it's wings trembling.
"What is that thing?" Whispers the unicorn.
"Hurt." I say drily, "Hi? I don't want to hurt you."
It moves away from you, wings shaking, pressing it's hindquarters against the corner.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-08 05:14:06 No. 30265442
>>30264780 >>30265162
"Alright, fine." I say as softly as I can, pulling the projector closer, "I'll just get this, alright?"
It doesn't answer, but you move the unplugged machine to the opposite corner of the table to give the creature some space as you can.
The projector is a somewhat modern and, by the wear on the moving parts, very much used model.
"Looks electric." Says the unicorn, throwing constant, wary glances to the creature. "But I can't see any outlet in the room."
"You can't juice it, can't you?" I ask half heartedly, already knowing the answer I'll get.
"Direct magic to electricity conversion is inefficient." She takes some of the slides off their slots. "About a hundred to one ratio."
"Huh. You got a name?" I ask curiously, squinting into the slide she gives me.
"I--" She falls completely silent, "I am--" You turn to her, noticing that her breathing is acelerating. "I... I don't--" She gulps, tapping the floor nervously with a hoof, "I must have a name. I can't just... not have one, right?"

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-09 03:16:04 No. 30271737
"Of course you do, I am--" I blink a few times, words amiss. "I..."
It dawns on me I don't have an answer to that.
"We ought to have names." I say, mostly to myself. "It's how it works."
"I kno-- Gah!" The unicorn hops away with a surprised little squeak, scaring me.
I flash a look to the creature, which now walked to us and is giving me an intense look, it's eyes exuding more green vapor than before. It snaps back to it's shy after a moment, trying to not meet my gaze again as it points to my flank with one of it's sharply tipped legs.
Your cutie mark. Three apples.
"Apple. I am Apple." I say the instant the unicorn opens her mouth.
"But you don't know--"
"I don't care." I say firmly. And you are Star for all I do."
The creature hops away from us, it's head perked up as if hearing something, and trots out of the room-- flowing like smoke through the otherwise much too small doorway.
Star looks at her cutie mark, "But it has sparkles."
"Does it really mater?"
"It does to me." She says defensively, still trying to bite down on her panic. "If nothing else I am Sparkle."
"If it pleases you."
The unicorn doesn't anwer, instead grabbing several more slides in telekinesis to squint at them.

That color is the magenta streak in Twi's mane

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-09 09:39:55 No. 30274468
"What is this even?" I give Sparkle a look.
"No idea, but the thing with the... swirly horn? is also in another of the slides, the one with the skull." She leaves the slides back in the projector -in the same slots they were before, I notice- and walks out of the room, "The other one looks like some kind of stylization?"
"Mmmaybe?" You follow her a room with a water canal on it. "And-- Where's the bridge." You ask aloud. The unicorn only shrugs in shared ignorance.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-10 12:55:14 No. 30278093
"It can't be that deep, can it?" You poke a hoof into the strong current, but can't seem to reach the bottom and notice something under the light post: A stone sphere with a... face? etched into it, and an indented slot about a centimeter deep in the side.
"Looks like your friend went there." Says Sparkle, gesturing at the arch from which the water comes, and the blood that's spilled on it's lower edge.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-10 05:31:35 No. 30280090
"Can you teleport us across?" I ask, grabbing the stone sphere.
"I suppose so..." Sparkle grabs a leaf from the stream in telekinesis and gives it an intrigued look, then turns to you. "But you are heavyset. Can you jump?"
"The current seems strong." I give it a look, "I think I can jump, but..." I leave it in the air.
"Don't mind me." She grabs my flanks in telekinesis for a split second, "Yeah, jump and I'll give you a push."
I sigh and walk back a few steps to get speed, then hop over the stream.
Autumn leafs, flowing under you...
A whisper of a memory comes, but is forgotten completely when Sparkle gives me a telekinetic shove that makes me fall almost a body length past the edge of the stream.
"Are you well?" Asks Sparkle.
"Bit of a rough handler." I laugh halfheartedly, rubbing my flanks.
She rolls her eyes before teleporting to my side.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-11 12:52:58 No. 30286349
>>30283372 >>30283375
"Technically." Her horn alights with telekinesis.
"You know how to lockpick?"
"I've read about it."
I can't help but chuckle, "Mind to put this in the lamp?" I lift the stone ball. She raises her eyebrow, "Might as well. And hey, what's with this?" I turn it around. "The etching's odd."
"Looks like a spark battery slot... some alicorn? made them a few years back." She doesn't teleport it.
"Please?" I gesture at the lamp, "I'll owe you a favor."
"Fine," Sparkle rolls her eyes, interrupting her telekinesis for a moment to teleport it. "See? Nothing--"
Some of the red dust in the lamp enters the slot, and the ball's 'eyes' spark with blue light, "Infor-- Infor-- Infor-- Information unit three point oh point two two two two two two-- foreign dignitary, please speci-- specify title for proper addressing."
You give a look to Sparkle.
"Shut up." She returns to the hatch door.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-11 02:48:14 No. 30287127
"A title?"
"Protocol requires a proper title is provided."
"Why in tarnation would I have a title?" I turn to Sparkle, "You don't got one, don't you?"
"I..." Sparkle seems confused for a moment, but shakes her head. "I wouldn't have time for a title if I had one."
"Aye, you can just use miss." I turn to the ball.
"Assumed diplomat. State your query."
"What are you even supposed to do?" Asks Sparkle before I can, still trying to unlock the hatch.
"Information units are intended to provide navigational assistance to any foreign dignataries unfamiliar with the Tower of the Dreamers, as well as inform them if they are in off-limit areas. Not carrying the information unit at any given time will probably result in removal of further invitations to the installations."
"Too bad we didn't need it." Sparkle pulls the hatch a few times and, growing impatient, rips the lock open with a heave.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-11 03:42:37 No. 30287640
"What in Tartarus is the tower of the dreamers?"
"Question not parsable. Unknown lingo."
Sparkle snorts, "What is the tower of the dreamers for and who built it."
"The Tower of the Dreamers is a facility owned by the order of the dreamers, a monastic and scholar group centered on the protection of Surane, spiritual enlightenment. and development of various branches of science. It was constructed on top of and around Dreamer's Tear, a mausoleum Grand Arcanist Ludwig built for her teacher Nimrod."

Map as it is now.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-11 05:00:40 No. 30288220
"Nimrod? Ludwig?" I ask.
"Ludwig? The psyquics " Repeats Sparkle. "This is Ludwig's tower?"
"Wizard towers used to be a thing. I didn't even know Ludwig had one." She says, mostly to herself, "They were tall so anyone who wanted to interrupt your research had it harder to... Where is Ludwig's study?"
"That information is classified."
"You lost me." You interrupt Sparkle before she says anything else, "Who's Ludwig and why do you care."
"Ludwig's an arcanist from long ago, shaped psionics into a proper science."
"And Nimrod?"
"A physics mayor, at a point of her life grand gunsmith of the Unicorn kingdom, most of her research was lost when she escaped from a war." Sparkle grabs the stone ball in telekinesis, but drops it again after a moment, "Where is this tower relative to Surane?"
"The information is classified."
"So why is it empty? Where are the dreamers?"
"That question as this unit parsed it is not within the purposes of this unit. Reformulate or search a member of the order."
Sparkle shakes her head with a snort and teleports the stone back out of the lamp.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-11 07:04:34 No. 30289127
Sparkle starts passing through the hatch, but i interrupt her again, "I didn't get what Surane actually is, you know."
"Sur--" Sparkle tries to raise her head and bumps it against the hatch with a yelp, "It's a kingdom on a mountain range. Constitutional monarchy, mostly pegasi and griffons, long time allies with nearby minotaur kingdoms, their culture is... belligerent." She says casually. "I think there was an important dragon who was fond of Surane, too?" She pauses, then talks to herself. "Why would I care about dragons?"

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-11 07:49:20 No. 30289457
"And where's Equestria?"
That makes her pause, "Does it mater?"
I just stare at her, ignorant myself.
"Equestria and Surane barely acknowledge on the other. Each is literally on the opposite side of the world of the other."

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-11 09:45:42 No. 30290187
"You coming?" Sparkle crouches to pass through the hatch without waiting for an answer, pausing for a moment before entering the room completely.
The inside of the room is mainly occupied by a ramp into which water falls from a hole in the ceiling in an uninterrupted stream, autumnal leafs flowing with it.

Lazy drawing because I want to sleep.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-11 10:22:39 No. 30290473
I walk to thecanal again and dip my hoof into it, testing it's depth again. Seems to be the same as before, but maybe I could swim in it without getting dragged... now that I'd need to, as there's a small passageway behind the ramp.
"Where are--" I turn to Sparkle. "...What are you doing."
She keeps walking through the hatch, walking backwards every other time instead of turning around.
"Huh?" She stops moving. "What?"
"What are you doing."
"Haven't you noticed it?" She walks through it again, "There's something odd with the doors. I feel a shudder every time I cross them."
"This place is so cold I'd shudder anyway." I roll my eyes.
"I am not joking, there's something off with the doors." She alights her horn, "It's not any sort of field I can detect."
"Where are you so impatient to go, anyway?"
"Huh?" She gives me a confused look.
"You've been dragging me around like you know where to go."
"I am not sure." She flails a hoof across the hatch, "But I have this feeling like I am late for a date and didn't even have a bath, you know?" She flings her alighted horn past the hatch and seems disappointed when nothing happens. "There's somewhere in here I am supposed to be, and I figure I'll recognize it when I see it. But why did you follow me in?" She gives the hatch a frustrated look and seems to give up on it with a shake of her head. "Not that I mind the company."

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-12 12:11:01 No. 30294032
"I am..." You blink, "I'll know when I see it?"
"Might as well search together," She shrugs. "Could you try?"
"Sure, I guess." You walk in and out of the room several times, and after a few you start noticing what she mentioned-- there is a diminutive tightening on the back of your neck when you are in the doorway, and a shudder when it's gone.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-12 02:59:04 No. 30295266
"Yup, it's there." I enter the room again and see Sparkle is reading the console, "Anything interesting?"
"Water pressure high, nutrient count down, apparently high amounts of erosion on the riverbed... don't ask which one, this isn't telling me."
"Riverbed?" I trot to the console, and she moves aside to let me read the screen, "'Low water absorption from forest'," I read, "If a forest's not taking water the forest's dead."
"Maybe it's a-- Hey, your friend," Sparkle gestures at the hatch, where the dark gray creature from before it's peeking it's head.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-12 05:27:09 No. 30296484
"What are you doing he..." I follow it's gaze and fall silent.
The other creature, it's face like a upside-down crown mounted on a ball, stares at us silently. thick red saliva flowing from what could be generously called a mouth. It crawls lower on the wall, it's barrel plain like a piece of cloth.
The first creature -I decide to name it Charcoal- trots to us and tries to touch the second one, but is completely ignored.
"Sparkle?" I say between clenched teeth. "What's that."
"Nothing I'd seen before." Sparkle stands as firm as she can, her legs trembling.
Charcoal manages to touch the crown with the tip of it's snout, and the creature leashes out slapping Charcoal strongly enough for it to crash against the opposite wall.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-12 08:12:29 No. 30297863
"Who are you?" I ask when it becomes obvious Sparkle won't.
The creature.
The red light on it's eye fades quickly a few times as if blinking, and the red ooze falling off it's mouth seems to flow more quickly.
It tries to catch me with a two-fingered finger. I hop back.
Before it's arm extends a second time, Charcoal charges onto it, knocking it off the wall.
There's a moment of stillness. Charcoal stands between me and the creature, head low and legs prepared for a pounce.
Charcoal pushes me with a hindleg, prompting me to run, and I push Sparkle before jumping across the canal to the other side. The crown-faced creature tries to chase us, but Charcoal pushes it against the corner every time it tries.
Sparkle closes the door behind us, even if the lock is broken, "What in Tartarus is that thing."
"You think I know!?" I ask, trying trying to remain calm. Deep breaths, deep breaths...
"We'll need weapons." Sparkle gulps, eyeing the lamp post. "You know what, I have one already." She grabs the post in telekinesis and floats it closer to herself, the strain of moving it becoming noticeable very quickly.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-12 09:49:59 No. 30298441
While AJ could carry the other lamppost, it's very much too large to move comfortably with anything but telekinesis.
AJ started with a clean inventory in this one.
Jumping to a quick sketch of the next room because I want to sleep.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-13 06:42:13 No. 30304250
I head for the table and try to read the book on it, but can only understand some of the tight, foreign writing. What's understandable is the card on top of it, however, which is written in a few languages:
>As per the Ludwigs' long standing request, any portrayal of the dragon is prohibited under the penalty of removal from the order followed by usual memory purging procedures.
>Due to the artist being aware of this rule and continuing to paint it after several warnings, his work space and unfinished fresco is left unchanged as a reminder of what happens to those who challenge protocol. Any further alteration to it and to the fresco in particular will result in demotion.

Didn't make any other updates today because I woke up with a mean headache.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-13 09:05:42 No. 30305221
"You got any idea of what dragon this is?" I slide the card to Sparkle, trying to read the book.
"If this means the one whose claw is in the fresco..." She slides the book closer to herself, "Then it was around a long time ago, I think five to eight thousand years. Lots of blurry periods in the middle."
"If it's that old it should be a short list to pick from, right?"
"Eeeeeehh..." Sparkle changes the page carefuly with telekinesis, "The older they are the better they are at not surfacing." She spends a moment eyeing the text. "You heard about Torch? He used to be a dragon lord, five-digits age. Half that time no one knows where he was." She clicks her tongue, "I think this says they searched for references for his flame's and claw's colors in a book called 'Sarim's catalog, third book'."
"You think?"
"Hey, you've ever read research notes?" She gives me a look, "They are either unreadable or in dubious standing as writing in the first place. Be thankful this is only the former."

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-14 10:38:22 No. 30308145
"Can you read the rest?" I walk to the blocked hallway and inspect it. The stones don't seem to belong in here at all, being plain old rock rather than the pale green, porous bricks that this place is made of.
"It's just notes and some sketches about the painting and what..." She flips a page, "Seer planned to add." She moves away from the frail old book as if afraid of breaking it by looking too hard.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-14 12:49:56 No. 30308748
"Put this back in the lamp again." I offer the stone ball to Sparkle.
She nods and puts it in, then shakes the lamp until some of the red dust inside gets into the socket, "What's this place."
"Querying grid. Current location is art plaza three-bee. It's construction and expansion is delayed until further notice."

I am havying some nasty network errors.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-14 03:17:18 No. 30309573
>>30308902 >>30308974
"How many plazas are there?"
"Cached value is of thirty. Cached value over two years old."
"And what is around us?"
"The surrounding areas are off limits until clearance is raised."
"I got one." Sparkle talks before I can, "How do you expand a room that's inside a building."
"Questions regarding the tower's nature are outside the intent of this unit. Your assigned overwatcher has been informed of your query.
"What a pity. Is it related to the feeling we get when crossing doors?"
"Any further inquiry will result in immediate removal of any future invitations to the tower."
"I am crying in the inside. Why is that door different to the others?" Sparkle points at the one near the fresco.
"Indicate cardinal direction."
"The north door."
"There is no registered door on the north wall of this room."

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-14 05:37:26 No. 30310500
>>30309666 >>30309758
"What about we describe it?" I ask, "It's... a reddish brown? Not a sliding door like the others."
"Insufficient data."
"It's got a gold handle? Shaped like an arc?" I try.
The ball is silent for an instant longer than before, "That area is off-limits and crossing it will signify legal persecution from both the Order and Surane's authorities. Your overwatching authority has been notified of the queries."
"Who exactly is our overwatcher." Asks Sparkle.
"No member of the Order has been found in the installations."

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-15 03:53:19 No. 30316487
"Canya try to move the rocks?" I ask Sparkle, "I'd like trying to find another way in better."
"I... don't see why can't we enter now?" Sparkle walks closer to the door, "Not like anyone'd know we did."
"Maybe there's a better way," I insist, "If we don't find it we can enter from here, promise."
"If you say so... give me some space." She starts pulling the rocks carefuly, starting from the top and depositing the rocks besides the door.
Sparkle makes an annoyed scoff when she finds that the lamp post is too unwieldy to pass through the doorway without risking a cave in.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-15 07:59:05 No. 30318311
I look down from the ledge and, after a quick look, hop to the stone wall and slide down to the small path under it.
Talk about plumps, I think as I circle around the water to reach it. What's one doing where nothing can move the pollen? And why doesn't it have more branches?
Ha. Between the things I've seen in here it's botanic incoherency that bothers me.
"You coming down or what?" I ask Sparkle.
"That thing said 'Expand' and that room should be surrounded by other rooms." She says, distracted.
"So what? They didn't dig out this part before."
"The air pressure's higher here. We are underground and weren't a second ago."
"Mind getting to the point already?"
"Bigger-on-the-inside spells. But they are very unreliable." She tells to herself, "You'd need some stabilizing element if you wanted to..." She starts muttering to herself.
"So are you coming down?" I put my hoof on the bud and jerk it away immediately.
The bud shakes for a moment, bulges moving under it's surface and it's glow -or that or whatever is inside it- increasing briefly.
The bud goes back to normal, not iving any indications of having ever changed.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-15 10:14:39 No. 30319289
I pull the petals open, tearing off one of the fleshy growths that cover them, and to my surprise the flower opens on it's own after a moment.
The figure eyes Sparkle and looks down at me for a moment, sitting calmly, then talks quietly so as to prevent Sparkle from hearing it, "I wonder if you take pleasure in this."

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-15 11:30:33 No. 30319781
"Pleasure in what?" I ask quietly, if only to humor it. "I just wanted to know what was inside the flower."
"Not my egg," The creature lowers it's head closer to mine, "That's not at all what I was talking about."
"Then what? What were you doing in there?"
"You want the honest answer? Hoping against reason that you didn't find and wake me up again. It's hard to stay sane as it is... But you won't ceaselessly prattle for more and more and more answers that might just possibly be useful, won't you? So I'll tell you this, in the hopes you'll let me stay uninvolved with your tale this once. Don't let your... friend, let's call her that, see me. Bad things happen when a real unicorn and a parody of one meet eyes."


!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-16 10:09:54 No. 30321665
"Pleasure in what?" I ask quietly, if only to humor it. "I just wanted to know what was inside the flower."
"Not my egg," The creature lowers it's head closer to mine, "That's not at all what I was talking about. If only you had let me sleep on..."
"Then what? What were you doing in there?"
"You want... Ah. Odd."
"What's odd?"
"I second guessed my own words, and that was enough for me to forget. Isn't it bizarre, what this all has done to us?"
"All of what."
"I wouldn't know," It's face lowers even closer, turning it like a curious dog, and she talks sweetly. "You are Applejack, yes? That I can remember. And..." Her voice turns dry, "Oh my oh my. What dost thou seek, might I ask? Or have you yet to refind your way?"
"Apple?" Calls Sparkle, "Is there someone else down there?"
The figure shakes it's head immediately, hiding behind the flower, "You'd do me a favor if you helped me go unnoticed by your... friend, let's call her that, see me. Bad things happen when unicorns do... but keep seeking what you seek, Applejack. It's the only way to get this whole mess back in track."

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-16 05:52:52 No. 30324074
"Thank you?"
"Apple? Who's that?" Asks Sparkle.
The creature shakes it's head.
"Just some animal." I walk around the water to the path again.
Sparkle teleports to my side rather than jumping, "What kind of animal?" She gives a look to the place where the creature is hiding.
"It looked timid," I say simply, "Come, there's a light there."

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-16 06:58:44 No. 30324741
I drink some water, not knowing when will be the next time I might find some, and check the spike while Sparkle is drinking, trying to ignore the hunger that had gone unnoticed until just now.
It's bottom is cleaner than the rest, suggesting that someone tied a rope to it to descend from the platform we are in.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-16 08:14:31 No. 30325201
"Could you make some kind of rope? With magic?"
"Hm? Technically I could." Sparkle lifts the ladder from the water with telekinesis, "But it'd be safer to just float down with this."

This is a possible path too, btw.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-18 08:19:57 No. 30339183
"Is the ladder long enough for that?"
"Don't worry about that." She takes it off the water with telekinesis, "Just get onto it."
"You sure?"
She puts it in front of me.
"O-kay." I climb it, "Now what."
"It's easier to show." She climbs the ladder from the opposite side, your hooves touching, and lifts the ladder with a telekinetic hold.
"I tho-- Wo, I thought this was dangerous--" You look down and gulp. Ain't right, to be so far from the ground and only hang from a horn.
"Only if I was lifting your bod-- Dammit." She cringes as she lowers you.
It takes you a moment to understand-- the same shudder from before takes hold, but now it's not a pinprick of cold but akin to a long, sustained gale. It gets worse the deeper you delve into the darkness with, you think at first, the light below you being the only thing that gives Sparkle the valor to keep going.
But after a moment -cold still increasing, bitting deeper and deeper into your flesh- you see her face and realize the awful truth; your descent is, rather, a decreasingly controlled fall.
The cold starts to subside after a moment. but the damage's already done and you crashland down below, the ladder absorbing most of the impact and somehow staying intact, albeit you don't think there's much left in the thing.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-19 04:36:48 No. 30344215
"Can you try lifting the rope?" I grab it. Looks like this was tied on the spike above.
She takes the torch closer and lets it fall on the floor near us, "I'll have a burnout if I try anything." She gulps and takes a few deep breath, "We need somewhere safe to sleep. And food."

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-19 08:04:26 No. 30345853
>>30344374 >>30344401
>>30344417 >>30344425
>>30344695 >>30344778
I pull the rope that's hanging from the pole, wrapping it around my leg loosely. There's short lenghts knotted to it every once in a while, confirming that this was a bridge.
There's a small wood plank tied to one of them, which I throw down the chasm to see how deep it is.
Ten seconds pass, then a minute, then five. Not a sound can be heard.
I don't think I can reach the bottom with this much rope. Assuming there's one, I think against my better senses.
Ain't right, to have holes without a bottom.
"Wait me here." I tell Sparkle, making some knots on the rope, "I'll be back in a moment, you hear me?"
She nods, and it looks like even keeping her eyes open is an effort.
I spin the lasso on the air and throw it with a flick of my tail, hooking it to the log, and pull a few times to test it's strength... It doesn't move, so I take a few deep breaths, tie the rope to leg and an end to the pole on this side, and make the jump.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-06-19 09:39:58 No. 30346515
I give a look to Sparkle -it seems like she's barely staying awake- and turn around to the table.
There's a plate with what looks like it once was food in the process of being eaten, now dry and stuck to the bottom of the plate, and a half filled page with a small pen fallen over it.
I look around after reading it. There doesn't seem to be any sign of a fight.
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