You are Chuckles, a pony who wakes up with amnesia and must attempt to piece together who he is and why he is in Ponyville many centuries after the time of the original element bearers.
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>The room is... larger than the usual bedroom. There's a work-table up against the wall, underneath the still-dark window. You can see tools, little gears and other various pieces and parts of complicated things strewn about it. On the other side of the room is an open chest with some bits and bobs of clothing mostly inside it.
> You see a set of overalls, galoshes, a dirty scarf on the floor nearby, a paint-spattered smock not far from that, a wide sun-hat, and a small collection of bandanas draped over the lip of the chest. They are all brightly colored, but plainly made: simple, functional wear. There is a mirror next to the chest, and another, closed chest on the other side of that.
>Directly across from the bed is a mural, painted directly onto the wall. It's artist was no genius, but they got the point across; the sun and the moon, floating above and looking down on a small farm. A few lit candles are sticking up out of a wax-graveyard at the base of the mural. These provide the only light for the room and make it feel... warm, and lived in.
>Getting up is a bit shaky, and you wobble as you stand, but managing to maintain your balance, you stagger over to the mirror and take a look at yourself.
What kind of pony are you? What are your colors?
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