You are Chuckles, a pony who wakes up with amnesia and must attempt to piece together who he is and why he is in Ponyville many centuries after the time of the original element bearers.
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/She is pulling you along, She is in a hurry, She is worried. She finds a quiet place, where you can talk. You can’t hear the words, but you can hear the alarm in her voice. You can’t see her face, but you can see how she purses her lips, how she shifts back and forth, back and forth, back and forth on her hooves; too anxious to stand still. She pauses, looking at something. Then darkness... /
>Your eyes slowly open, and you feel like you’ve got the worst physical parts of the flu without the general haze that makes it a literal bit harder to realize just how much you hurt.
>You look around, trying to get your bearings. You are in a small, dimly-lit room.
> There is a window nearby, but it's too dark outside to provide any clues, either very late or very early. You sit up and wince, your head hurts, reaching back, you find a tinder, bandaged lump on the back of your head. It still throbs a bit, but you can bear it. You turn your attention back to the dark room.
>The bed is small, cozy, and worn in. A groove has been slept into it, a groove a little bit smaller than your body. It smells... thick, and earthy, with just a touch of sweetness. You had been propped up on a small landslide of mismatched pillows. You pull aside the thick, down comforter, patched in multiple places and slide out of the bed that is not yours.
>Something around your neck shifts as you stand up. A necklace: a Key on a matching golden chain. It looks… important, familiar, but… you can’t place it.
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