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Your name is Fuse Box and you are on an important mission for your Stable.
Stable 15 is a robotic paradise- Mr Hoofsies take care of all janitorial duties, Protectrons provide security to the more sensitive parts of the Stable, etc. You are a junior mechanic, one of the more important jobs in the Stable.
Until the Overmare gave you a special mission.
Turns out the magical talisman running the generator systems is just shy of blowing out. Not exactly something you can make yourself. In two month's time, the Stable will have to switch to backup power- and since so much of the Stable is automated, that is a BIG problem. Eventually, the Stable would have to be evacuated into the outside world- and whatever that offers. Which is probably bad and/or highly irradiated.
So now you're the first pony outside of the Stable, armed with a 10 mm, a canteen, and a handful of meds. The Overmare has told you the Stable was built just outside a town called Dodge Junction, which was the location of a few wartime manufacturing plants.

>Tag skills, pick two traits, indicate Primary and two Secondary SPECIAL scores
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