Join our intrepid wanderer as she explores the wasteland.
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!S1QeuwK64Y 2015-11-12 11:08:15 No. 25415904
After being sent from your Stable on a quest for a power regulator talisman, you- junior mechanic pony Fuse Box- have faced several threats the Wasteland has to throw out you. Whether it be from mutated animals and insects to possibly killer robots, you've managed to find your first clue to the whereabouts of finding the key to your stable's comfortable survival. You stand in a control room overlooking a Ironshod manufacturing floor, having just hacked the main computer.
You decide to catch up on the bits of lore first before delving into the more technical aspects of this console's commands (<System Reboot> and <Securitron Settings>)

>Foreman's Log 1
Had to reset the 'days since last workplace accident' chart. Some dummy tried tampering with the Securitron personality matrices- what the hell did he think switching it to "enforcer" mode would do? I swear, the quality of ponies we got working here...

>Foreman's log 2
Nightmare Night's coming up- and apparently HQ is sending us a new tech pony to help regulate the 'bots. Mare by the name of Spot Weld. Got an ID and everything. Well, we'll be welcoming her into the fold or whatever on the 27th. Just in time to start getting those final decorations up. Ministry of Morale's been really pumping that holiday spirit thing.

Interesting- perhaps that ID you have COULD be of use. You decide to check out the Securitron settings either way:

>Medical Mode
>Enforcer Mode
>Firefighter Mode
>Construction Mode
>Default Mode
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