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"Zombies" Gino says, and Matchsticks shoots him a dirty look, "Only the ferals are anything like that- Ghouls are what happens when you're unlucky enough to take on enough radiation to kill a pony twice over and live. Rots your flesh, but they'll never die of old age. Necropolis was close to where one of the balefire bombs hit- most ponies there died, but those that didn't have holed up there since most ponies out here shoot ghouls on sight."
"And Appleoosa ain't exactly useless- though I'd avoid that place too. Old Appleoosa is slaver territory, and New Appleoosa doesn't seem to mind that too much."
New and Old Appleoosa? Gino nods, "Yeah, New Appleoosa formed after the war. Small place, it's okay enough, attitude aside."
Matchsticks sighed, "If you've got your sights set on Las Pegasus, I won't stop you- but I'm telling you, that place gives ponies the creeps. Scrapvale and Hubcap get plenty of salvage, I'd seriously suggest staking those places out first."
"Scrapville is just south of here- some kind of junkyard turned into a town." Gino answered, "Got a great bar and casino, and the mayor is a stand up guy. Got a few fellow gryphons there too- we've ran together for the right amount of caps."
"And Hubcap is the closest thing to polite society the wasteland's got out west," Matchsticks added, "Ponies found one of the less radiated patches of desert and polished that turd into a damned diamond. It's even got a fresh water supply from an underground source. Every trader worth their salt barters there, and they're the reason caps are the currency of the Wasteland."
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