Join our intrepid wanderer as she explores the wasteland.
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"Hey now, I know what this looks like," Evergreen says, cutting you off right there, "I'm not skipping town- the rest of what I owe to Gill is more than the clinic has." She strains, trying to heft up the saddlebags, "So, if I want to pay it off, I'm going to have to scav for a bit-"
At that moment, her bag bursts open, the metal clasp just barely whizzing over your head. You duck down with an 'Eep!' as it ricochets into the wall. Evergreen groans.
"Fuck it, I'll need to travel light anyways."
So, Evergreen's planning a sojourn into the wasteland. You ask her if she'll be okay, and she huffs, "I'm not some bright eyed stable pony like you, squirt. I was born out here, I can take care of myself."
Still though, pretty dangerous to be travelling the wasteland alone. And you should know, you spent the first two days out here by yourself!
>Suggest that Evergreen should join your group- you'll be hitting scavenging areas anyways, it's mutually beneficial!
>Offer to see if Gino would offer a discount on a Talon bodyguard
>Other: write in
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