Join our intrepid wanderer as she explores the wasteland.
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2016-04-03 02:27:54 No. 26973229
A little scavving while we wait for the bug to collect juicy info sounds alright. there's more safety with three than two, after all.

2016-04-03 02:28:32 No. 26973236
I think we should scavenge together because we would be able to cover ground faster of whatever area we visit and watch each others back. We're also pretty good with terminals!

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-03 02:37:27 No. 26973328
Evergreen hums, "That seems... pretty logical." She shrugs, "Alright, sure. I'll tag along- Just don't slow me down, got it?"
She pokes her hoof right in your snout. You scrunch in response, "I-I got it."
She nods, "So, have you already checked that bug then?"
You shake your head- it's still just a bit after noon, but it'd probably be prudent to go over it soon with Gill. It's a lot of audio to scrub through. Of course, you also have no idea when Lucky actually GOES to their office so it could be twelve hours worth of silence.
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