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!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-03 08:19:00 No. 26977433
You ask where Evergreen was planning on heading- some kind of factory or something nearby?
She barks out a laugh, "Kid, it's gonna take a good few months of travel to find any scrap worth anything for resale."
First of all, you're not a kid- you're twenty two, you are well into adulthood.
"Alright granny, but the point still stands. I'm in it for the long haul, so might as well take care of whatever you've got to here first."
You nod. Alright, off to Gill's it is. You tell Evergreen to go ahead and pack whatever basics she needs, and meet back up at Lucky 21's to pick up Gino. She nods.
You quicken your pace as you head to Gill's shop. You're more than a little nervous about the whole thing, understandably.
You enter the shop, Gill shooting up immediately before relaxing.
"Sorry about that, still kinda jumping at shadows after everything that went down yesterday."
You nod. Definitely a good reason to be nervous. You tell him that the bug was secured into the room, and you think it's about time to scrub through the audio.
Gill nods, "Good, good. Let's get this started then."

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-03 08:29:56 No. 26977517
Gill turns over the sign to say "closed", locking the door. You take a seat at the counter and pull up the audio feed from the bug.
"Let's start at the beginning," Gill says, and you scrub back to the start of the recording. You hear some shuffling, and then your own voice.
"Bug secure, you find anything in those file cabinets?"
Eugh, is THAT what you sound like? You scrunch your face, and fast forward past the point of you leaving. It's silent for a good long stretch, before some noise picks up again.
You pause, rewinding a bit and start playing it back.
The sound of a door opening creaks through the speaker, and hooves clopping on the floor.
"Itinerary for today, mister Bouncer?" A mare's voice says. You hear the familiar grunt of Bouncer.
"Thursday- so the public books gotta be gone through and any special clientele be stricken from the record."
"Right, right. Thank you Bouncer." A chair scrapes out- must be the one from the desk. Does that mean....
"I guess Lucky's a mare then." Gill says. You nod- seems legit.
"What about that issue with Gill?"
Well good golly jee whillakers that was easy.
"Nothing- no lead on who that scrub who tried to take him out was."
Ooooooor maybe not?
Lucky snorts, "Well don't slouch about it. Keep up the investigation- I'm not a big fan on how much he keeps breathing down our operation's neck, but he's a stabilizing influence in this town. Bad for business if he dies prematurely."
You pause the recording, looking at Gill. He seems pretty bewildered.
"Well, this has thrown a bit of a monkey wrench into things."
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