Join our intrepid wanderer as she explores the wasteland.
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2016-04-03 08:32:52 No. 26977544
So what do we do now? It's not her that's trying to kill you. Got any other enemies or ponies that would benefit from your demise?

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-04 05:48:35 No. 26986828
Gill thinks hard, humming to himself, "Can't rightly say- figure if anything Lucky'd be out to take over the town hi-herself, I mean. If she's not after that..." He shrugs, "I don't really know. Only thing that benefits from chaos are the raiders and creatures that make this wasteland such a hell."
Well that's less than helpful. Who wants to just cause chaos for chaos's sake?
"In any case, I think I'll just have to up the guard." Gill says. You nod- sounds like a good idea.
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