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2016-04-04 05:51:45 No. 26986858
It's probably some big raider outside of town. Or maybe a potential competitor outside of town that wants to move in?
Anyway upping the guard is a good idea. So is that all you would like from us? Do we get a reward or discount now?

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-04 06:45:43 No. 26987489
"Always a possibility, but we've weathered worse," Gill says, going to flip the sign back to open and unlock the door, "Though they're usually less organized than hiring hitponies. Might be mercenaries..."
He turns back to you, "Anyways, I really owe you. And I've got just the thing for you."
He trots behind the counter, reaching behind a case hidden from view, pulling out something absolutely beautiful.
"I've seen you carry that rifle- looks pretty well maintained, but you're not gonna get as much out of it without a good scope." He says, "I'll even help you get it on and calibrated right, and throw in a few extra rounds."
You squee in delight as delight as you watch Gill get to work- the process is pretty simple, and thanks to your knowledge in mechanics already you think you can figure out how to use it to modify your weapons in the future.
>+5 bonus to Mechanics skill
>+5 bonus to Guns skill
"And that'll do it," Gill declares, giving you back your rifle. He also throws in a bonus 10 rounds, bringing you up to 25 total. If you can keep up practice, you'll be kneecapping threats from far enough that they can't even think about touching you. Which suits your good-naturedness just fine.
You thank Gill for what he's done, and head over to Lucky 21's. You catch Evergreen just outside.
"Took you long enough. We heading out?"
You shake your head- you still gotta get Gino. If memory serves correct, he should be finishing up his 'serious' meeting with the rest of the Talons right about now.
"Well he better hurry up. Don't like lazing around like this."
>Get to know Evergreen: Write In
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