Join our intrepid wanderer as she explores the wasteland.
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2016-04-04 06:49:31 No. 26987541
How long how you lived here?
Where are you from?
Might be too personal but does she have family anywhere?
What kind of things does she like in terms of food?

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-04 07:07:35 No. 26987787
Evergreen rolls her eyes, "We're doing this now, huh? Alright."
She huffs, "Been with the clinic here about... 6? 7 years? Had a bit of a falling out with the scavver group I was with before. Probably dead now, never a good idea to piss off your medic." She chuckled a bit at that.
A falling out? She nods, "Scavvers are really just above raiders in your heirarchy of wasteland moralities. And only just barely. Got sick of the pony in charge's decisions, so I left. Wandered the desert for a good week or so, ended up on the MOP's doorstep. Always need more doctors, they say," she snorts, "Always need more supplies if you ask me. Wasteland ain't kind to those who show kindness."
You frown- though really, from what you've seen she isn't wrong about that. Doesn't make you agree with it any more.
"Anyways, I came out from a little town out west past Ghastly Gorge called Cancy, and that's about all you need to know about that. We're business partners right now, I'm not your friend." She says with another snort. Sweet Celestia she's so tsundere. But you're not gonna give up on that, no way. By the end of this journey she's gonna be your friend if it kills you.
You ask her if she's ever had cherry cobbler before.
"What the hell is a cherry?"
Oh this will not do- if your trip takes you near the Stable again you've gotta show her Cherry Cobbler's cherry cobbler- wait no that doesn't sound quite right...
"Alright, so you've poked and prodded about me, it's only fair I do the same right back," Evergreen says. This catches you off guard. What even is there to say about you?
"What's your angle, huh? You act all nice and helpful, like it's just natural to you. What gives? What are you really after here?"
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