Join our intrepid wanderer as she explores the wasteland.
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2016-04-04 07:16:08 No. 26987891
What do you mean by "here"? You mean like out in the wasteland? Looking for a water chip for my stable is my overall goal. if I can help ponies along the way though then I will.

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-04 10:35:01 No. 26990025
It's just the right thing to do. Yeah, the wasteland sucks and there's deadly creatures everywhere and ponies who seem to be off their rocker, but someone's gotta be a decent person, yeah? Helping ponies is just... the right thing to do.
Evergreen frowns at this, staring at you silently for a bit. You scrunch.
"... Alright. It's naive, but at least you don't seem to be lying about it."
Oh...kay? What is this, some secret test of character? Is she some sort of ancient sage, testing your mettle as some messiah of the wasteland? You inwardly roll your eyes at that thought, right about as Gino finally exits the casino-hotel. Casinotel. Perfect.
"Aight chica, we heading out-" He looks at Evergreen. Evergreen raises an eyebrow at him.
"Chica, you're not collecting ponies to add to our little entourage, are ya?"
You shrug- she's a doctor and needs to go scavenge to pay back Gill, and there's safety in numbers and all that. Mutually beneficial, just like you told her. Gino hums.
"Doctor, huh? Not some pacifist pansy like our little stable girl here, are ya?"
Evergreen rolls her eyes as you protest- JUST because you don't want to wantonly slaughter random ponies doesn't make you some goody-two-shoes, it's like. The NORMAL state of being! For most ponies!
"Sure thing chica," Gino says, and pats you on the head dismissively. You scrunch. Stupid griffon...
"Alright, so where to next, Chica?" Gino asks. You pull up your map.
>Next location get
And that'll be the last one for tonight. See you all next time- same bat thread, same bat channel.
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