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2016-04-05 03:56:16 No. 26991652
anything of interest to scrap in the south? If not let's just head west to hubcap and see if we'll have better luck there.

2016-04-05 07:47:40 No. 26992370
There anywhere we can actually search on the way to Hubcap?
We won't find much salvage in a populated town.

!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-06 03:12:24 No. 27004661
"Pretty sure there's a trainyard between here and Hubcap- and who knows, maybe some raider camps we can take advantage of." Evergreen says. You pale at this while Gino nods, "Yeah- definitely wanna head west instead of south. Macintosh Hills are dangerous- they just lead to the Badlands." He grins mischievously, "If you think Radscorpions and Hellhounds are scary, you've never seen what the wasteland has done to dragons."
Okay, okay, you get it- south is bad! Do not go south! Sheesh!
"And besides, Hubcap has trade caravans heading in and out all the time. Junk peddlers, water merchants- the whole nine yards. They've got their own routes we can salvage stuff from on the way while making easy caps doing guard duty." Evergreen points out.
Well that certainly helps out with Evergreen's debts. Though does it get you any closer to finding that power regulator talisman?
You sigh internally at that- it's almost starting to feel like you're letting the stable down. It's been- three days? Four? You're starting to lose track a little, but every day out here is a day the main power could fail.
Nope, you gotta keep pushing forward. Finding that talisman is your main goal, by golly you're not gonna let yourself get depressed about this!
Besides, the main route to Hubcap will take you right by the stable- at least you could pop in with a little update on what Matchsticks told you, maybe find out if 15 even HAS that Crystal Harmony whatsit. Even if the Overmare didn't tell you, you're sure Cherry Cobbler would.
"Gonna be just over two days to get to Hubcap, hope you two like camping." Gino says, as the three of you head out of town. Open road again, hurray...
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