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!S1QeuwK64Y 2016-04-06 03:27:18 No. 27004772
Luck Roll Results
Successes: 4 (one crit)
Failures: 1 (crit)

Give me a bit this requires just a teensy bit of editing, in the meantime here's a look at our stats/inventory:

Hunger: Sated
Thirst: Sated
Fatigue: Rested
Sanity: 90%

90 caps

Stable Jumpsuit
Pinstripe Suit (Speech +10)
Leather Armor (Light DR)

Tommygun and 2 drums of ammo (50 each) (2 rounds per shot)
Scoped Hunting Rifle (Winona) and 25 rounds
10mm pistol with 18 rounds

A MedKit (1 syringe of Med-X, Pill bottle of RadSafe (20 pills), 3 Health Potions, 2 packets of RadAway)
canteen of water (100% full)
box of cereal
3 pieces of mutfruit
3 bottles of water
2 snack cakes
1 bottle of fine spirits

screwdriver and 37 bobby pins
2 rolls of duct tape
wallet with ID
PlayPony magazine
1 issue of Sword Mares
2 books on science and mechanics
business files from the Dodge Junction saloon/train station
Gidget's Journal

>Night Person- Used to late nights, you gain a bonus to Intelligence, Perception, and Charisma at night, at the cost of easier fatigue and being harder to wake up, with an early morning penalty to Charisma
>Good Natured- You're just so damn nice. Ponies are inclined to believe you and help you if they're at least neutral to you. But you don't have the stomach for causing harm, and take a hit to your sanity whenever you do something that causes grievous harm to others.

>Strength- 5
>Perception- 5 (6)
>Endurance- 6
>Charisma- 6 (7)
>Intelligence- 8 (9)
>Agility- 5
>Luck- 5

>Energy Weapons
>Guns (+15 bonus)
>Lockpick (Rank I, +20 bonus)
>Mechanics (+15 bonus)
>Science (Rank I, +20 bonus)
>Speech (Rank I, +20 bonus)

Binary: Robots are much more likely to turn out friendly to you, and those that aren't you are much more effective at fighting
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