Join our intrepid wanderer as she explores the wasteland.
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After hurriedly dragging your confused gryphon compadre into the Pitt's Stop (Thankfully uninhabited by other impossibly existing creatures), you fill him in about what you just saw basically being summed up as both a shattering of your understanding of how government works and blasphemy lite™. Gino rolls his eyes.
"Wasteland's messed up- taint, radiation, any of that could change up a pony to look like some kind of former princess as much as it's likely to make you some fugly ghoul- well maybe not AS likely, but hey. Not like it's some unholy experiment or something."
You're still pretty mindfucked by this whole thing, collapsing onto a booth-side seat. After a few minutes of mentally applying white out to your brain, a box of preserved muffins is shoved under your snout.
"Eat up, chica."
...You were a little peckish, you had to admit. After munching on hundred year old muffins (thank Celestia for preservatives), you turn to Evergreen.
"This never happened, okay?" She says. You nod in agreement.
A few minutes of rest, cracking some super easy locks, and scouring the Pitt's Stop (upping your food count by 6 cans of beans, a couple boxes of muffins and some tortilla chips, along with some bottled water, extra bobby pins, and some mechanical nick nacks you're sure you could make something with), you head back out on the road.
>Level up
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